Aren't we all big fans of retractable pens, especially the retractable click-style ones because of their ease of use? Click pens are the only common pens that allow easy one-handed operation. Retractable ball pens are a savior when you’re on the phone and need to grab a pen and jot a note while still holding the phone. Let’s delve more into the world of retractable pens to find out why they are user-friendly.

Ease To Use: The main purpose of retractable pens is its ease of use. Cap pens either have a click-cap or a screw-cap, so to use such a pen we mostly have to use both hands. One hand to hold the barrel and the other hand to uncap the pen. While with click pens, you can use them one-handed, to open the retractable pens for writing. Just click with one hand and it's good to go.

Such A Time Saver: Pens with screw caps have threads which mostly take one to two hand rotations to unscrew cap, while clip-cap pens are easier to open, they normally take two hands to act. Retractable pens are just a click away to action which can save you a second or two.

Safer To Use: The clip-cap pens can hold the cap fairly tight, but there remains a slight possibility that it may uncap itself with friction in your bag or pocket, causing unwanted ink marks. Since retractable pens use a click mechanism, it's safer to carry it all day.

No worries: With screw-cap and snap cap pens there is always the worry of keeping it somewhere, dropping it or even losing it. But in retractable pens there are no caps, so no worries.

If you are looking to harness the true power of a perfect retractable pen, you should choose Pentonic B-RT, a sleek-stylish writing instrument that boasts superior push start button and advanced retract mechanism , 0.7 mm Tip size, Smooth and smart grip for supreme comfort, Smooth finish, aerodynamic body. Another classic choice is the Linc Signetta series of classy click-pens that come with steady-flow Ink Technology for higher writing length. Smudge-free writing for document safety and featherlite Feel.



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