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Linc Pen & Plastics Limited is one of India’s most trusted Writing Instrument brands with a national and international presence in over 50 countries.

Linc Pen is considered among the Top pen companies in India with constant endeavor to bring out new Innovative pens with Innovative technologies.

Established in 1976 by Mr. Soorajmal Jalan, Linc Pen is currently headed by Mr. Deepak Jalan , Managing Director. We have our manufacturing units in Serakol and Falta, with a daily capacity of more than 2 million units with ISO 9001:2008 certification, guaranteeing top quality products.

Linc Pens has an exclusive license to distribute and market Uniball products. It is listed on NSE, BSE and CSE.

Linc is a dynamic company addressing the growing needs of the second most populous country; it is a global organisation striving to achieve greater heights through sustainable growth over the years.


To empower poeple to express themselves better and create a happier world by providing innovative, quality and affordable solutions, coveniently.


To become the top superbrand in the country, recognised worldwide and to be an attractive proposition for stakeholders and business partners to align with Linc.

Core values

We take pride in our strong ethical principles and integrity and strive to consistently exceed customer expectations. We are fully committed to every task at hand and constantly  push the boundaries of innovation in products and solutions.


  • Customer Delight
  • Integrity
  • Dedication
  • Innovation

We are delighted to share our journey in the form of a chronicle titled, ‘What India writes with- A four decade journey!’ Thank you all for supporting Linc Pens – 40 Years of LINC

Brand new offering from the house of Linc : Pentonic

Office Linc, the retail stores of Linc, is a one stop window for your complete writing solution. It has its stores in Kolkata.

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