What Makes the Linc Brand a Haven for School Students?

Your exam is about to begin shortly. You sit in the classroom along with your pens and pencils. You read the question paper while your heart is beating rapidly from nervousness. The teacher says ‘Start writing’ and you put your pen to the paper. Unfortunately, you realize that the pen which seemed to work fine […]

Reasons That Contribute to the High Demand for Linc Products

Whether you realize it or not, a pen has become an essential tool in our lives and its importance cannot be neglected. Just ask your children as they do their homework and they will surely agree. Getting the best is nothing short of a difficult task. There are so many pens available in the market […]

End Your Hunt for Quality Writing Pens with Linc

The pen is mightier than the sword – there’s a reason that this phrase is prevalent even today. Every sentence speaks volumes about something. Every word you inscribe has the power to spark change and inspire people. Comprehending the influence of the written word, Linc introduces quality writing instruments to fuel this combination of creativity […]

Why Is Pentonic Preferred Among Its Vast Options for Pens?

A pen plays a bigger part in your life than you realize – it is an essential tool that fosters and inspires creativity. Inscribing words on a written medium allows you to unleash the creativity embedded within your mind. Whether it’s ideas, sketches or anything else that can be noted down, a pen has always […]

5 Reasons Why Linc Is Famous for Its Stationery Range

Stationery is far from ordinary commodities. They help express ourselves and add a neat touch and presentation to our work. To ensure that this writing experience of ours is made better, Linc curates quality writing instruments alongside a vast selection of products. Being a leading name in the industry, Linc caters to the needs of all, ranging […]

Board Exams Knocking at Your Doorstep? Here Are 5 Pens That You Should Consider

Not many will understand the time and energy that you put into your preparation for exams. As the countdown is getting closer, exhausting tuitions, late-night revisions and cancelling plans become a new habit. Of course, you need that sacrifice to pay off. The last thing you would want is for something to go wrong at […]

Highlights of the 20th All Bengal SPELLINC Competition 2019-20

SPELLINC is an initiative by Linc Pen and Plastics Limited that provides a platform for students to display their prowess in the English language. Covering both spelling and vocabulary, it is held annually garnering great participation from schools and students. Started in 1999, Spellinc has grown in popularity and stature due to the strong foundation […]

5 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Improve Your Handwriting

Handwriting is something that is fluid and effortless. It is formed naturally at a young age and it becomes a part of our lives as it solidifies over time. However, many of us would like to change their handwriting due to reasons such as better presentation or easy readability. Whatever be the need, changing your […]

Pentonic: Breaking Countless Myths in India's Pen Industry

Have you ever wanted to buy an item but stopped at the very last minute because of something you heard? This could be based on a rumour or a misunderstanding. It could have been something that wasn’t verified but carried out due to an illogical fear. Of course, misconceptions are not all uncommon in today’s […]

Ballpoint, Gel or Fountain - Which Pen is the Right One for Me?

For those that are fond of writing, you will be aware that choosing the right pen is a necessary part of the writing experience. No pen is the same and all pens cannot be generalized. Each is graced by its own quirk. Different pens have different features that are appealing in their own right. However, […]

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