Can’t Decide on a Gift? Here’s What Makes a Linc Pen the Perfect Choice

While gifting is one of the most selfless forms of appreciation and love, it can actually prove to be quite a difficult task. This is because we find ourselves without information about the tastes and needs of the recipients. At the same time, we cannot guess their reactions and we often think the gift was […]

An Overview of Linc’s Export Information and Presence Overseas

Linc is renowned as a leading manufacturer and supplier of writing instruments in India. It has been serving the nation for decades through an assortment of quality products at cost-effective rates. While it is the Indian audience that primarily benefits from their offerings, Linc has opened new channels of distribution with time to market its […]

Old-fashioned or Just Convenient? Why People Prefer Writing over Anything Else

Touchscreens and keyboards have clearly become an indispensable tool for our daily existence today. However, with the emphasis on pressing the right key rather than on the seamless flow of thought, it’s not surprising that many refuse to part with the age-old process of writing. The feeling of putting pen to paper, moving the instrument […]

The Untold Story of Mitsubishi and its Flagship Brand of uni-ball

Hailed as one of the prime manufacturers and suppliers of innovative writing instruments, Linc Pen and Plastics Ltd. enjoys a special place in the heart of the Indian audience. This is not just attributed to the splendid quality of its pens alone. Rather, it is due to their products being preferred among families for generation after generation […]

Handwriting Vs Typing: The Beauty In-between

The dependence on technology has played a dominant role in all of our lives. In this modern age of brilliant gadgets and groundbreaking technological advancements, we have taken to new habits and trends as we move ahead with the times. Getting to the question on everyone’s mind – Will the electronic keyboard replace the old […]

An All-inclusive Guide on What Your Handwriting Says About You

With technological advancements and modern means of recording information, handwritten notes are being replaced by emails, text messages and typed letter. Of course, it’s easy to see why. However, the close, personal connection that the best grip pens and handwritten letters create is beyond comparison to the wonders of the keyboard. What’s even more incomparable is the […]

From Egypt to Exceptional: Tracing the Origins of the Pen

It’s not wrong to say that pens and ink have facilitated the foundation of human civilization. The greatest works by mankind would not be known to us if it were not for the pen. Allowing us to record, transmit and communicate information effectively, its purpose has served the world for generations after generations. But ever […]

Calling All Bookworms! Secret Pens of Your Favourite Authors Finally Revealed

“All the energy of thinking is eventually shown in the nib of a pen.” Paulo Coelho rightly highlights the strong, unexplainable relation of authors to their prized possessions. As you know, an author is quite closely attached to the pen he/she uses. Even with the option of high performance laptops and gadgets, most of the […]

The Art of Calligraphy: Preserving a Vanishing Aesthetic

When looking at calligraphy, one cannot help but feel a sense of admiration and wonder. Every stroke of perfection and every line of grandeur comes from meticulous, highly skilled effort. The beauty of this type of penmanship comes from the way that each alphabet is created, which is accurately sized and proportioned with no room […]

Simple Yet Effective Ways to Organize Your Work Desk

The sight of a clean, neatly arranged desk can be inspiring and actually conducive to your efficiency. Your desk is your workstation where the biggest tasks take place. As a result, it needs to set up so as to ensure effective time management and productivity. An orderly work desk coupled with a stationery organizer will also ensure […]

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