Your exam is about to begin shortly. You sit in the classroom along with your pens and pencils. You read the question paper while your heart is beating rapidly from nervousness. The teacher says ‘Start writing’ and you put your pen to the paper. Unfortunately, you realize that the pen which seemed to work fine before is not helping you today. The words do not look presentable and neither is it easy to continue writing with it.

This is more than common during tests - a pen lets you down and adds to the already existing tension inside. What students need are pens that allow the expression of words and ideas without forcing pressure from the hand. It is important that your flow of thought be easily and effortlessly reproduced in the paper in front of you.

This simple ideology is what prompted Linc, a top pen brand in India, to rise to the occasion and cater to situations such as these. Each of its sub-brands come with features and advantages of their own with the common aim of assisting you while writing.


Are You Familiar with Linc’s Collection of Pens?

Linc combines the advantages of an easy-grip, smooth ink flow and attractive results with each of its pens. Offering a top selection of writing instruments at student-friendly prices, Ocean Gel and Pentonic are seen as the most popular among their revolutionary product range of pens. Here is a list of other popular names under Linc:

  • Geltonic
  • Signetta
  • Glycer
  • Majesta
  • Meeting
  • Markline


Through its offering, it’s no secret that Linc is seen as a favourable brand among several popular pen companies. Students can find both quality writing instruments as well as equally important stationery. Ranging from geometry boxes to desk organizers, students can get the best supplements for their work and school projects with Linc.

Vastly appreciated since its inception in 1976, it has written its way into the hearts of several families and will continue to do so in the future. This is evident from the newest selection of pens under its brand that give utmost emphasis to quality and presentation. Apart from its service to students, Linc as a brand also caters to office work where neat and attractive presentations are vital.

That being said, it is undoubtedly students who benefit from the variety of pens under Linc. In both appeal and ability to render quality results, Linc scores full points on paper. These pen manufacturers provide an assortment of pens available in various colours and upgraded features. No matter the speed of your writing, no matter the length of time – Linc is known to deliver a writing experience unlike any other.

With an aim to inspire others to write, the pens designed and created by Linc are anything but ordinary. Thus, Linc is more than just a pen manufacturer and has become a symbol of trust among both students and parents alike.



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