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Mr. Deepak Jalan, the Managing Director and CEO of Linc Limited (formerly known as Linc Pen and Plastics Limited), is credited with propelling his company to the position of one of India’s most trusted writing instrument brands, producing a staggering 2.5 million writing instruments daily.

He started his career in the early 1980s and under his leadership, Linc has grown from strength to strength in terms of its brand ethos to deliver innovative, user-friendly, and quality products at affordable prices to end-consumers.

Mr. Aloke Jalan


With over 30 years of experience in this business, Mr. Aloke Jalan oversees Linc Limited’s (formerly known as Linc Pen and Plastics Limited) sales and marketing operations, with a focus on the western and southern regions. Among his other notable accomplishments is the establishment of a partnership with Uniball.

Mr. Jalan has taken the brand to the next level by bringing his vast experience spanning over three decades and a vast repertoire of industry knowledge to the table.

Mr. Rohit Deepak Jalan


Mr. Rohit Deepak Jalan is a whole-time director at Linc Limited (formerly known as Linc Pen and Plastics Limited). He has a BA Hons. degree in Management Studies from the University of Nottingham, UK, and a PG Diploma in Business Management with a specialisation in marketing. He heads the International Business and Marketing Department of the company.

Mr. N. K. Dujari


Mr. N. K. Dujari has been working with Linc Limited (formerly known as Linc Pen and Plastics Limited) for more than two decades. Mr. Dujari brings a plethora of financial experience to the table. He is a Chartered Accountant with 34th AIR and Company Secretary. 

Mr. Dujari adds substantially to the Company’s financial reputation with over 34 years of professional expertise and global exposure. His strategic counsel as well as financial guidance, have helped the company maintain financial stability and favorable investor relations.

Mr. Naresh Pachisia


Mr. Naresh Pachisia is one of our independent, non-executive directors. He is the founder and MD of SKP Securities Ltd. SKP is eastern India’s leading investment banker, wealth manager and stockbroker with 40 years of capital market experience.

Mr. Anil Kochar


Mr. Anil Kochar is one of our independent, non-executive directors. He is a Postgraduate in Commerce and LLB. Mr. Kochar is an eminent advisor on income tax matters.

Mr. Sanjay Jhunjhunwalla


Mr. Sanjay Jhunjhunwalla, the independent Director at Linc Limited (formerly known as Linc Pen and Plastics Limited) is an indispensable member of the company. He is a BCom. graduate Calcutta University. He is a whole-time director at Turtle Limited and the driving force behind it. Having been part of various trade committees and organisations and with over 35 years of rich experience in diverse fields, he brings a plethora of industry expertise to the table. He adds value by offering a holistic perspective of the company’s concerns and provides strategic direction to all employees through his in-depth knowledge of the market.

His unrivaled passion and unwavering dedication have taken Linc from one milestone to another.

Ms. Supriya Newar


“As an author and writer, my equation with Linc Limited (formerly known as Linc Pen and Plastics Limited) is both symbiotic and special. Though I’ve been professionally acquainted with the company and its management for close to two decades, I started serving on its Board as an Independent, Non- Executive Director from 2015.

Our Board of Directors is a diverse one, where each member brings his/her own sets of expertise and perspective to the table. Given my long years and continued interest in brand and communications, I’ve tried to see how we can strengthen the already loved Linc brand at every step, as we script newer tomorrows and chapters for the company.

I’m particularly optimistic about our Pentonic range as I feel that it has singularly busted several myths that have long ailed the writing instrument industry. Though we’ve battled two difficult years, I’m fairly confident that Linc Limited will emerge stronger in the days to come, inking greater success and stride.”

Board Committees


  • Mr. Anil Kochar (Chairman)
  • Mr. Naresh Pachisia


  • Mr. Deepak Jalan (Chairman)
  • Mr. Naresh Pachisia
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