The pen is mightier than the sword - there's a reason that this phrase is prevalent even today. Every sentence speaks volumes about something. Every word you inscribe has the power to spark change and inspire people. Comprehending the influence of the written word, Linc introduces quality writing instruments to fuel this combination of creativity and easy flow of words.

The student in class jotting down lectures. The office-goer recording the highlights of an important corporate discussion. The member of parliament trying to pass a new bill. Each of these people understands the importance of words and the weight they carry. Hence, Linc is known for its ability to cater to a variety of people through its collection of smooth gel pens and ball pens.

To find the perfect writing instruments that complement your requirements, here are a few from Linc’s collection of pens.


A Few Offerings Under the Vast Umbrella of Linc Pens


A rich, black look with a sleek barrel and a steady flow of ink are the key attributes that describe this pen. This collection comes in a total of three variants - Pentonic Ball, Pentonic Gel and Pentonic VRT. Each Pentonic pen is designed to deliver a smooth writing experience which is why you can expect an uninterrupted flow of thoughts and words.

It offers smooth gel pens and ball pens in the colours of blue, black and red. What's even more remarkable is that these are available at affordable prices. This brand of Pentonic also offers the following - Pentonic pencil, Pentonic Pencil Box, Pentonic Desk Organiser, etc.


Preferred for its elastomeric grip, Geltonic is a good choice for a companion when it comes to writing. This collection was designed for those who go the distance, which is why it comes with a promise of break-free writing with 2X the writing length.

This gel pen is available in a tip size of 0.6 mm in the colours of blue, black and red. An equally stunning collection is Geltonic Glitz which is known for its golden and silver glitter pens that comes with a tip size of 1mm.


This sub-brand from the house of Linc comes with the following offerings:

  • Majesta Tsara
  • Majesta Trium
  • Majesta Princep
  • Majesta Monarc
  • Majesta Nobila
  • Majesta Roller
  • Majesta Zenith
  • Majesta Verta
  • Majesta Meridio

Guaranteeing a premium look, each of these quality ball pens come in the colour of blue with its own unique characteristics. For instance, Majesta Princep comes in a stunning gunmetal black matte appearance for a premium look. On the other hand, Majesta Trium is known for its superior retraction mechanism.


Capable of assisting longer periods of writing, these ballpoint pens come with a tip size of 0.7mm in the colours of blue, black and red. Easy to click and easy to use, it is designed especially for those who are always on the go and cannot spare time to open the cap of a pen.

You can be assured of smudge-free writing with every retractable series of pens under Signetta. Moreover, this stylishly-designed pen also makes for an ideal gift thanks to its attractive build and appearance.


Due to its fast-flowing ink technology, this selection consists of fine ball pens have become a popular choice for writing instruments today. This range of pens come in a tip size of both 0.6 and 0.7mm. Its Flexi-grip technology makes it comfortable in terms of grip and writing. In totality, it is a choice that you definitely should consider for value at a cost-effective rate.


Keeping in mind the various needs of those who are perpetually engaged in writing, Linc’s offerings reach out to a large audience due to its in-depth understanding of what consumers demand in a pen. With Linc, you can expect uninterrupted sentences and perfection in each word you inscribe. Expect fine lines to add to your unique style of presentation.

Expect unmatched quality with Linc.



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