A stationery giant, Deli has two primary stationery segments, Deli School and Deli Office. Deli caters to more than 6000 products across 14 categories including – files and folders, calculators, pen – stands, packing tape, shredder machines and even electronic calculators. Deli calculators are simply a perfect tool for students and professionals to help solve problems. Since they eliminate tedious computations and algebraic manipulations that discourage many students, Deli calculators allow more students to solve problems and appreciate the power and value of Mathematics in the world today. Let us take you through some of Deli’s basic and scientific calculators and their special features.

Deli’s basic Desktop Basic 12-Digit Calculator is perfect for daily calculations or accounting jobs. The calculator comes in baby pastel colours like Blue, Pink and Yellow. The calculator can perform Check function upto 120 steps with dual power back-up of battery + solar energy. A dedicated GT key for Grand Total Calculation + Tax keys for calculation of price plus tax, tax amount, price less tax. Other functions include, Auto Replay, which automatically reviews the entire calculation. The Auto Power-off feature shuts the device off after 8 mins to save energy. The Deli Desktop Basic Calculator comes fully covered by a high pellucidity acrylic panel that protects the screen from scratches. You can order the cool range of desktop calculators, here.

If you want a calculator that's efficient, user-friendly  as well as high-quality for every business activity, look no further than the Deli W39251 Easy Series Basic 12 Digit Calculator with a big and clear LCD Display Screen for easy reading. The calculator comes with Dual Powered (Battery+Solar Energy) for durable usage. Built with sturdy plastic the high quality calculator promises 1 Million LifeTime press keys for longer usage with Auto Power Off features that save battery. You can order the trusted calculator, online from Amazon.

Another cool calculator for your desk top is the Deli W1589 Modern Compact Calculator - the 12 Digits Big Screen makes the calculator most useful for large calculations. Extra-large LCD display and tilted screen of Deli calculators result in easy and accurate screen reading. It also comes with an acrylic screen cover to safeguard the display. Anti-slip Feet - Anti slip pads in 4 corners, allow you to hold the Deli W1589 modern compact calculator very smoothly. Its rubber padded keypads come with 1 million impression life. The calculators adopt scientific big button design in line with the use of human habits and are comfortable for touch. You can order online in modern colors of red, green, blue, black and white from OnDesk.

If you are taking advanced Math and Science classes, or if you work in an industry that regularly uses complicated calculations to design or develop advanced concepts like engineering, surveying, medicine, or Chemistry
Then you need something better suited to solving your difficult problems. Deli brings you best in class Scientific calculators which comes with features like the
Ans function,  Check and correct function,  Fractional arithmetic function  Standard deviation calculation,  Coordinate transformation,  Data edit, Continuous calculation, Memory function up to 10 variables and even Statistic calculations. You can order the Deli WD82MS Scientific Calculator on Amazon.
For high-school and university students however, the scientific calculators are the only one that can handle certain functions in fields such as Trigonometry, Physics, Chemistry, and Engineering. Perfect for Science students, DELI W1710 Core Series Scientific Calculator come with 10+2 big display and performs 240 scientific functions - ANS function check, correct function, fractional arithmetic function, standard deviation calculation, coordinate transformation data edit continuous calculation, memory function 10 variables statistics calculations.
Linc Pen has been one of India’s most trusted writing instruments brand for the last four decades. With a strong presence in over 50 countries, Linc Pen has entered into a partnership with Deli, the global stationery giant based out of Ningbo Zheijang, China. Linc will be using its strong distribution channels to market Deli products in India, answering all stationery needs. With Deli’s introduction, Linc will be able to address the growing stationery segment apart from writing instruments, benefiting both parties in the long term. Through their superior product quality, Linc as well as Deli possess the capacity to leave a lasting impression in the daily lives of the customers.



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