Not many will understand the time and energy that you put into your preparation for exams. As the countdown is getting closer, exhausting tuitions, late-night revisions and cancelling plans become a new habit. Of course, you need that sacrifice to pay off. The last thing you would want is for something to go wrong at the very last minute at the time when you least expect it – during the time of the exam.

Imagine this. While you’re already under immense pressure sitting at the exam hall, your pen stops writing all of a sudden. Even worse, the ink of the pen leaks on to your answer scripts and ruins your efforts. These cases are not uncommon among students, which is why there should always be a thought given to the stationery and pens you will use in advance.


If these are as important to you, Linc has heard you loud and clear. Providing student-centric writing instruments, expect the best pens for fast writing that are reliable in terms of both ink flow and grip. In fact, they are also designed for extended periods of writing.

Keeping this in mind, here are 5 pens that are sure to help:


Listing 5 Popular Offerings by Linc for Students and Their Exams


Pentonic Ball

Currently prized as one of the best ballpoint pens, it comes highly recommended due to its perfect balance between quality and value for money. With a tip size of 0.7 mm, it is known for its easy flow ink technology that is sure to help express your thoughts on paper. Its light body and featherlite feel will come in handy because at the end, it’s the writing experience that makes all the difference.



Made for extended periods of writing, Geltonic by Linc seeks to allow one to write without any interruptions or delays in terms of ink flow. Hence, its ‘break-free’ characteristics make it one of the best pens for fast writing and is truly a pen worth choosing. At the same time, its comfortable elastomeric rubber grip seeks to offer comfort to any student who is ready to go the distance.


Pentonic Gel

Waterproof ink, seamless writing and a sleek matte finish. Combining all these features into a single writing instrument makes Pentonic Gel a top pick from the house of Linc. Ensuring that its user faces no discomfort while writing, it also paves the way for a splendid presentation with every word that is inscribed. Hence, Pentonic gel pens express reliability at its best.


Ocean Gel

There’s no student across the country that hasn’t heard of Ocean Gel. Hailed as a favourite far and wide, there are countless reasons that attest to its preference. Primarily, its ability to provide a neat presentation of words on paper makes it noteworthy. Add waterproof ink and leak-proof technology and it's clear what makes Ocean Gel a strong option to consider for your exams.



Being a top-rated ball pen online, Glycer seeks to provide an easy flow of sentences without the strain. Its flexi-grip technology encourages comfort and convenience while writing. Moreover, this ballpoint promises smudge-free writing and is available in both 0.6mm and 0.7mm. Whether fast writing or neat results, Glycer has always stood as a good option to consider.


Understanding the high-pressure environment that exams create, we at Linc decided to give you one less thing to worry about. Hence, this list of options covers every requirement in regards to your selection of the best ballpoint pens and gel pens. While the prices are set at student-friendly prices, the quality far exceeds what you pay for.

In the end, however, it all comes down to what you prefer.



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