A pen plays a bigger part in your life than you realize - it is an essential tool that fosters and inspires creativity. Inscribing words on a written medium allows you to unleash the creativity embedded within your mind. Whether it’s ideas, sketches or anything else that can be noted down, a pen has always served as the primary choice to record them. You will find that the same cannot be compared with other mediums.

A pen fuels creativity and therefore inspires one to present their thoughts with ease. With the aid of a pen, you let your words speak for you instead. For instance, writers choose it because it allows them to depict their world of imagination effortlessly while journalists prefer it in order to document authentic accounts in real-time. Its necessity cannot be stressed enough.

Comprehending each of these, Pentonic from the house of Linc has emerged as a top solution for ball and gel pens. Listed below are the reasons that make it a preferred choice.


Reasons to Choose Pentonic From Linc Pens:

Smooth flow of words

Each pen was crafted with a strong understanding of the need for seamless writing. Be it long-writing lengths or for easier grip during stressful situations, the revolutionary product range by Pentonic are personalized for your convenience. Be it the strenuous lectures in class or important discussions at work that need to be recorded, you can count on Pentonic to easily represent the same on paper.

Neat results on paper

One also expects attractive results on paper when they choose a pen. You don’t need to think twice when it comes to Pentonic. Providing both quality gel pens and ball pens, expect a smooth flow of words alongside an appealing presentation of sentences and paragraphs on paper with Linc Pentonic ball and gel pens. In fact, its newest launch of Pentonic VRT is sure to exceed expectations.

Variety of colours

Linc makes its superb collections of writing instruments available in several colours for one to choose from. When it comes to Pentonic gel pens, these come in the colours of blue, black and red. On the other hand, Linc Pentonic ball pens are offered in the following colours: blue, black, red, green, turquoise blue, pink, orange, purple, brown and lime green.

Smart look

Your appearance is the first indicator of who you are. It could be as basic as the clothes you wear each day. It could be as subtle as the pen that you use in front of others since it also tends to form an impression. Hence, the dark, sleek and minimalist look of Pentonic makes it an ideal gifting option due to its build and appeal.

Value for money

Set at affordable prices, this collection combines both quality and cost-effectiveness with its wide collection of writing instruments. Whether fine ball pens or waterproof gel pens, expect to produce neat results with Pentonic.

Comfortable grip

The pens manufactured by Linc are known and recognized for their easy grip. Pentonic is no exception. As seen by a variety of audiences, it offers an easy hold without the need of much pressure from your hand. Combined with an easy flow of ink, you can expect a longer length of writing from this selection of pens.

Light body

With Pentonic, a seamless flow of words is guaranteed since this range of writing instruments are specially designed to offer an ultra-modern writing experience. This can be seen through its easy flow ink technology as well as the feather-light features of the body. When you choose Linc Pentonic ball and gel pens, you choose the best that suit your requirements.


The brand name of Linc has become one of trust and reliability over time. This is because of the simple fact that it understands the distinct requirements of what people require in a pen. Whether fine lines or quick notes, you can always bank on Linc to get your work done right.

As a result, it is counted on by a variety of people that ranges from children to office-goers (and even celebrities). Linc has truly written its way into the pages of countless lives and with Pentonic, you can expect great value for money and even greater results on paper.



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