Being ‘linked’ to families for countless years, Linc has been the go-to option for writing instruments in every walk of life. Hence, Linc Pens and Plastics Ltd as a major player in India’s pen markets need no introduction.

What does need an introduction is its newly launched Pentonic BRT. Being the manifestation of Linc’s evergreen hopes in “delivering the best possible writing experience at affordable price points”, it clearly embodies all that the esteemed brand stands for.

What every writer seeks in a pen is its ability to deliver in a way that is not limited to presentation. In fact, there is much more emphasis given to the writing experience than the results themselves. Putting the convenience of writing above all else, this Linc pentonic product is inspired by minimalism and largely ‘driven by design’.

Backed by an unparalleled flow and smooth writing, this writing instrument will certainly prove to be the best choice in terms of value, build and price. You’ll find that Pentonic BRT combines all the right ingredients for a flawless writing experience.

See for yourself what makes it a fine choice for writing:

  • Superior push start button
  • Available in blue, black and red
  • Advanced retract mechanism
  • Smooth and smart grip for supreme comfort
  • Fast-flowing ink technology
  • Tip size of 0.7mm
  • Smooth finish and aerodynamic body

To be at the top of mind in its respective category is what Pentonic BRT aims to do.

Seen as the perfect way to “carry forward our brand ethos to differentiate with innovation”, this 0.7mm pen is perhaps the beacon of hope in our current age of digitalization. Admittedly, there are new ways of recording and organizing information that change our habits which is where Pentonic BRT makes a stand.

Rekindling the relationship between the user and instrument, this pen makes a breakthrough in terms of both convenience and appeal.

Here’s a small snippet of Mr Deepak Jalan’s speech during the launch of Pentonic BRT:

“The Pentonic BRT is a classy extension to the great success enjoyed by our entire range of Pentonic products. In an era when the world is leaning towards digitalization, the Pentonic BRT will give us a lot of reason to write, thanks to its sleek corporate look, curvilinear body, smooth grip, fluidic finish as well as superior ink technology.”

Did you know that this technological marvel is modestly priced this black matted-textured beauty at just Rs 20? Set to change the way we perceive writing altogether, the student community and the office goers are sure to be the ones to benefit with these best grip pens.

And with Pentonic BRT, Linc has pushed the envelope of innovation yet again!



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