Since 1887, the Mitsubishi Pencil Company has been at the forefront of producing innovative writing solutions of exceptional quality. Always a cut above the rest, all of the flagship Uni-Ball pens feature fade-resistant and waterproof pigment ink, which is superior in performance than dyestuff inks used in most pens, along with being highly resistant to tampering or accidental spillages. The progressive Uni-ball series of rollerball pens have long been renowned for smooth writing characteristics, elegant design and high quality ink, notably the classic Uni-ball Eye. Such cult products have been joined by Jetstream range of class-leading hybrid ink pens and the POSCA markers - colorful felt tip marker pens that are popular with all ages, having a variety of uses.

The latest addition in the series of innovative writing instruments are, Uni-ball 215 & Uni-ball 217 - which can write on for more than 2 years. Like the conventional uni-ball, you can write until the last drop of ink and be able to check the remaining amount of ink through the barrel window. Uni-ball 215 & Uni-ball 217 has the first Refillable roller pen, with QwikRefill Technology that offers its super-smooth, long lasting feature and a new, enriching writing experience. This refillable, direct liquid roller pen also comes with Stainless Steel, 0.5mm Tungsten Carbide Tip, Plastic, see-through barrel and is available in Blue, Black ink colour in stationery outlets across the country and online.

Keeping the rising demand of art and design pens in mind, Uni-Ball has also brought to the market, Uni Pin Fine Line Markers, specialized pens of varying tip sizes, ideal for all types of art and design. The Uni-Pin 200 series is ideal for many users: artists and creative professionals such as designers who use it for creative hobbies. Its unique water-based formulation delivers bright, matte, opaque ink that withstand the passage of time. The ink has no odour, layerable, mixable, water-proof and weather-resistant. The Uni Pin 200 range includes a large range of different tip sizes from 0.03mm to 1.0mm, 1.2mm and brush, which is perfectly suited to their respective uses. The very high quality of the materials used guarantees a stroke that is always perfectly smooth. Every line is regular, their action is unique and the pleasure of creating with Pin is unparalleled. Uni-Pin 200 series is available across all Linc Stores and online on Amazon.

The drastic changes in our industry’s economic environment in recent years had a significant influence on what customers value and Mitsubishi Pencil has been quick to respond to high value added, distinctive products, putting itself in the customers’ position so as to provide the products and services that truly match their needs and meeting such demands is the biggest challenge and the biggest responsibility.
All Uni ball products are manufactured by MITSUBISHI PENCIL CO., Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan. In India, Linc Pen has the exclusive rights of distribution, marketing and packaging of the Uni-ball brand across the nation.



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