Valentine’s Day is one of those days that gives you a special chance to express your love
for your dear one with gifts unique to their choices and preferences. And if that person is a stationery affictioniado then head straight to Linc Pens to buy stationery gifts online, like colour pen sets, pen boxes, COVID-19 protection gear or even trendy backpacks to make a statement. So, if you’re in a constant search for unique yet perfect gifts for your partner, look no further and visit Ondesk or Amazon for the best range of stationery products that will mesmerize your love and get you a loving hug in return.

If your partner takes colour gel pens to their liking, there can be no better gift than the Pentonic Multicolor Gel Pen With Hard Box Case. Linc makes its superb collections of writing instruments available in several colours for one to choose from. The Pentonic Gel pens hard box set comes in a multicolor pen set of 12 pens to let your special one express words and creativity in vibrant colours.

Want Premium Pens to gift? Classy in design, fine to write with? Then get your valentine’s gifting  ideas from a top-of-the-line range of Linc pens. Win your person’s heart with Linc Majesta Tsara ball point pen, geared towards elongated writing, it comes with a promise of 2X the writing length as well as break-free writing. Another addition to your gifting kitty can be the Linc Majesta Princep, a pen that guarantees a premium look in a stunning gunmetal black matte appearance for a premium look and performance to fall in with.

If it’s gift boxes you are looking for, Linc has the perfect solution with the Pentonic Black Pencil Box with 10 Blue / Black Ball Pen. A gift set to cherish, the  innovative Pentonic products are designed to make your life smoother and better with its 0.7 mm tip which helps in skip free writing. The sleek matte finish and aerodynamic design has inspired to create the amazing, Pentonic B-RT, a push-button start pen with ultra low viscosity German ink technology that just urges one to write more and leave an impression that will matter to the one you are gifting. You ca get set set of Pentonic-BRT pack of 10 or 20 here on Amazon.

In these unprecedented times of COVID-19, when safety and hygiene is of prime importance, a gift for Valentine’s Day can go a long way to show that you care. Linc has the perfect COVID safety gift that surely makes a statement.  The Linc Pentonic COVID-19 Killer Pen is one such disinfecting finger-free touch device which is an ethanol based self-sterilizing tool designed to keep you and your loved one safe in cases of unavoidable physical contact. It’s an extension of your index finger which you can use to tap at surfaces like elevator buttons, ATM machines, doorbells, card swipe machines, switches, vending machines, etc. at public places without touching them.

Now that you have explored the various gifting ideas for Valentine’s Day, all you would need is a perfect backpack to pack all the amazing stationery gifts for your chosen one and what else can be better if you can choose and the latest trendy laptop bags and cool, collectable backpacks is pretty colours from Linc Marshmallow range of backpacks

This Valentine’s Day do something unique for your partner and make this occasion so special that you and your partner can cherish all the love and keep it budding for many years.



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