The sight of a clean, neatly arranged desk can be inspiring and actually conducive to your efficiency. Your desk is your workstation where the biggest tasks take place. As a result, it needs to set up so as to ensure effective time management and productivity. An orderly work desk coupled with a stationery organizer will also ensure comfort and convenience during your work hours.

‘Cluttered spaces lead to cluttered minds’. As far as the saying goes, keeping your desk in order can remove the unnecessary and give way for better, orderly work with terrific presentation. But it’s more than just the visual appeal. Along with a splendid rotating desk organiser, your work desk becomes a space where you’ll know exactly where to look when you require something.

Setting up your work desk doesn’t have to be a Herculean task.

Here’s how to go about it.

5 Clever DIY Ways to Maintain a Perfectly Organized Workstation

Keep your eyes on supplies:

Getting up from your chair to get a pencil or a pen from your pen stand can actually put in a dent in your concentration. At the same time, rummaging through your drawers in pursuit of your necessities can lead to unnecessary anxiety and stress. To avoid that, it’s time to prioritize! The most effective solution: items that are used frequently should be kept closer using a spinning desk organiser while the others can be grouped and kept inside drawers.

Fold up those extra papers:

It’s wise to have an area on your desk dedicated to paperwork which should be kept in order of importance and urgency. The rest? Keep them in specific folders and files with tags so they don’t come in your way. In fact, you should spend about a few minutes each day browsing through your papers to see which need to be saved, shelved or simply shredded and tossed away.

Support your charging ports:

Another thing we often overlook is the space needed to charge our phones and headphones alongside other accessories. Ideally, the best solution to tackle this is to use the space behind the monitor to keep our gadgets on charge. This helps to avoid distractions and keep us on track while working. It also helps to create visual harmony as the wires and cables will be out of sight.

Create a layout of space:

From the outside, your desk will look like a simple yet vast space dedicated entirely to your needs. But it’s actually a space that can be segregated into various parts.

Computer: Should be placed at the top/middle part of your desk

Stationery: Relevant supplies should be kept opposite to your dominant side

Folders: Only important files should be present and kept at the corner

Telephone/Mobile phone: Should be placed at the top of your dominant side

Open space: Maintain an empty area dedicated to writing at your dominant side

Forget about the reminders:

While everybody has gotten used to the need for post-it notes, an excess can actually backfire and prove counterproductive to both the appearance of your desk and workflow you maintain. The same can be said about items such as family pictures and souvenirs. Momento is known to evoke positive feelings, but too many can be a distraction. To avoid being constantly bombarded by reminders, moderation is key.

For many, using external file cabinets or floating shelves may not be an option. But cast your worries aside - these simple methods need nothing but your time and efforts. An orderly, arranged desk translates into greater yet organized physical space which in turn leads to greater productivity. You’ll have more clarity and you’ll be able to give your undivided attention to work.

And then, you’ll be ready to tackle any project that comes your way!



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