Everybody is familiar with the dazzling effects of glitter. The small, shiny particles that are often used for decoration – it works for a variety of purposes but mainly to create stunning and shimmering results wherever used.

We have Henry Ruschmann to thank for this.

Not many know that the discovery of glitter was actually accidental! Back then in 1934, the American machinist was looking for a way to compress old garbage in landfills and collected scrap plastic materials. He figured out a way to grind and transform it into the magical pixie dust we know today.

Able to successfully convert plastic into glitter, he later founded Meadowbrook Inventions and became a major supplier (that is still popular to this date). But it was only during the 90s that the craze for glitter as an ingredient of a magical childhood came into existence. Companies began to market this to spread the craze while glitter pens became a worldwide sensation overnight.

And for good reason too.

So let’s take a dive and see what constitutes the popularity of the glitter pen!


Shine Glitter: Your Bridge to Sparkling Results on Paper

Glitter pens tend to serve three basic purposes:

  • To emphasize or highlight details
  • To outline and enhance shapes or letters
  • To add flair to colours and designs

These pens are especially handy for arts and craft projects as well as creating invitations and cards. It also allows you to write freely on materials such as fabric, wood, glass, etc. while adding a glitzy touch to your work.

Backed by alluring reflective property and neat highlighting ability, they add layers of visual interest to make people stop and stare. Of course, they should never be overwhelming in use – borders, lines and drawing attention to focal points should be the plan of action while using them.

And if the occasion calls for some shine, Linc Shine Glitter Gel will definitely come to your rescue!

Perhaps the most distinguishable trait is the wide assortment of colours you get to choose from. Black, Red, Green, Violet, Turquoise Blue, Pink, Silver, Orange and Gold – these Linc pens will definitely bedazzle you! Being 1.0mm in tip size, they are the first choice when it comes to bringing out the beauty of shapes/letters due to its lustrous sheen.

Its tip is another notable feature as it is known to create thick, vibrant lines without the mess. Whether something more detailed or a relatively larger area, these pigment-based sparkle ink pines are the perfect fit for several applications and needs. Added to this, its contoured grip allows one to work with ease and comfort.


How to Make the Most of Linc Shine Glitter Pens

Here’s a short guide on how to make the best use of these popular instruments:

  • Create neat outlines and shapes over solid colours
  • Make strokes/patterns/circles /stippling for more appeal
  • Use them to identify the little details on the page
  • Add both pen and glitter ink to create a faded effect
  • Refrain from colouring over solid colours completely


Whether glitter gel pens, ordinary gel pens or smooth ball pens, Linc remains a trusted manufacturer due to the splendid quality of its writing instruments. With over 40 years of experience plus export presence in more than 50 countries, the constant need for innovation and customer satisfaction has made it a household name that has written the stories of generations!

So show your glow with nothing but the best.

Check out the awe-inspiring collection of Linc pens today!



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