Before we reveal the wonderful features that make Deli Scissors an absolute essential for your art & craft, school projects, kitchen and household usage, let’s first see what purpose they actually serve and how scissors are a savior in times of urgent need. A pair of good scissors can definitely become the unsung hero of your kitchen or stationery. Not only does it help you snip open packaging, but you can also do an array of other useful things.

For students, a good pair of stainless steel scissors, like Deli W6009 Scissors that cut fine and smooth are an absolute necessity for art and craft projects. The plastic handles of the comfortable scissors are designed to enable both right and left hand use with ease. Made from durable, stainless steel, the scissor has a strong rivet and sharp, polished stainless steel  7” blades for smooth cutting. Deli scissors ensure worry-free confidence while cutting through any sort of paper, for craft projects or art and craft hobbies.

While Deli W6010 Scissors also serve all stationery purposes, users claim to find its use in various regular needs with its longer blade of  8.5” length. Thanks to its unique handle shape, it can be used by both left and right hands users very comfortably. And due to its sturdy frame, sysmetric grip and pointed tip, the scissors can be used for cutting strong cardboard packages, stationery, food packaging, and hoards of other household objects. The double pack of scissors come in two colours, and makes a range of daily tasks, from the quick trim to cutting tags, electrical wires, pieces of cloth and even thin plastics and other regular objects, a breeze with any-hand use.

Multi-Purpose Scissors from Deli offer an array of usages apart just from regular stationery functions, from cutting papers, letters, envelopes to packages, plastics, tapes, wires etc. But being manufactured with top-grade, stainless steel, with practical sized blades, having soft, comfortable grip with asymmetric design for left- or right-handed use, Deli Multipurpose scissors can find a world of uses in your kitchen and every part of your household.



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