Have you ever wanted to buy an item but stopped at the very last minute because of something you heard? This could be based on a rumour or a misunderstanding. It could have been something that wasn’t verified but carried out due to an illogical fear.

Of course, misconceptions are not all uncommon in today’s world but should that stop you from the finer things in life? We shy away from doing certain things based on what we hear from others or the general public at large. That’s exactly what holds us back from exploring and getting the best.

Take Pentonic from the house of Linc. There are a ton of myths and many such irrational misconceptions that surround this writing instrument. However, it quickly put those myths to rest. Check out how Pentonic clears up some of the commonly held misconceptions in the pen industry.

1. Pens Should Not Be Fully Black

Probably because of the link to the ominous black cat, developing an all-black pen would prove to be unlucky to many. But did it? Not in the least. On the contrary, it was a major plus point for its preference. Pentonic’s rich-black monotone coupled with simplicity only added to its appeal.

2. A Pen is Incomplete Without a Metal Clip

As history would have it, pens with clips became somewhat of a staple in the pen industry. Not only was it believed to add to its appearance but also contributed to its functionality as it could easily be carried. On the contrary, Pentonic puts great emphasis on its look, grip and design and now, the popularity of the pen tends to speak for itself.

3. A New Pen Must Come Packaged in a Sleeve

Pens have been sold in a plastic sleeve for years now. However, Pentonic has risen to challenge this age-old practice. Keeping the threats of plastic pollution in mind, each pen is sold straight out of a tumbler-like structure. Quite an innovative step towards saving the planet, don’t you agree?

4. Such a Pen is Meant Only For Urban Markets

It was initially observed that such pens were specifically curated for urban markets. However, Pentonic chose to strike out in a new direction by catering to a variety of markets against the tide of opinions. Today, it has found footing in places such as Bangladesh and Haiti while being a great preference in several regions across the country.

5. A New Product is Rooted in Imitation

It is a common practice for pen makers to add some modifications and tweaks to any competitor’s existing pen that sells. However, Pentonic felt it would create a dent in industry profitability and chose not to follow the bandwagon. Representing true uniqueness, each pen is a representation of innovation at its best while displaying no loss in sales or status.

6. Do Not Put Your Eggs in One Basket

People say that you should not concentrate all your efforts on one specific thing - focusing on a single plan of action would be wasteful if it did not profit. Keeping a range of endeavours would seem advisable in this regard. However, Pentonic did just the opposite. While discontinuing products with low margins and paying close attention to this one, exponential growth came to fruition.

Sometimes it’s not about blindly following trends and patterns. It’s about having the courage to stand out and write your own destiny. This is precisely what Pentonic aims to instil through its range of writing instruments. While the pen industry (in not just India) faces its own myths and hurdles, Pentonic took a bold move has debunked several myths in doing so. As a matter of fact, it has also emerged successful in both acceptance and appreciation.
It’s time to question the status quo and chart your own path.



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