Pens have been around for ages and their utility extends to all aspects of daily life. However, there are situations where these may fail to rise to the occasion. Special purposes require special kind of pens and your favourite gel pen must now take a backseat. But first, what exactly are these situations?

  • Corporates when discussing ideas and strategies for success
  • Gardeners when differentiating between flowerpots
  • Pharmacies when assigning names to vials of blood tests
  • Surgeons when marking outlines in body contouring surgery
  • Teachers when simplifying concepts and formulas to students

If you haven’t guessed them already, we’re talking about markers!

Recognized by their quick-drying and long-lasting properties, they have proven to be versatile in every sense of the term. From being called a ‘Fountain Paintbrush’ in 1926 to a ‘Magic Marker’ in 1953, there has been a wide range of developments which now bring to us to the modern markers created by Linc.

Here are a few top rated markers you must definitely keep on your list.


Why Linc Markline Markers Are Superior in Every Way

Linc Markline Whiteboard Marker Pens

Whiteboards are more popular than the classic blackboards since words can be wiped clean without any traces of remaining words or lines. The best part? No white hands! Keeping this fundamental feature intact, there has been a surge in efforts to produce the best whiteboard markers today.

Hence, whiteboard marker suppliers in India have increased in popularity but you’ll find that this selection on Amazon and Ondesk is perhaps the best for teaching and corporate discussions. Using dark inks to ensure that the visibility of writing is not compromised from a distance, this collection also includes the benefits of 24-hour cap off period alongside other features listed below:

  • Can be dry wiped without residue
  • Refillable for continued use without worry
  • Bullet tip for producing clear lines
  • Available in the colours of blue, black, red and green

Linc Markline DVD/CD/OHP Marker

DVD/CD/OHP markers, also known as Fine tip markers, are best suited for works such as glass or plastic. While generally resistant to water, this type of markers boasts slim tips are highly regarded by colourists and artists far and wide. As a result, they are a great choice when it comes to close lines and details.

Linc has kept this fundamental feature in mind. Being one of the most popular writing instruments suppliers in India, their markers are listed on Amazon and Ondesk and enjoy great preference due to several reasons. The main one, however, is its ultra-fine tip that gives way for clean results on surfaces. Here’s all you need to know:

  • 24-hour cap off advantage
  • Ultrafine tip for maximum precision
  • Available in the colours of blue, black, red and green
  • Marks almost all surfaces

Linc Markline Permanent Markers

Permanent markers can be used on materials such as glass, plastic, wood, fabric and metal with long-lasting properties. Word of advice – You may use them on paper! But the ink will bleed through and destroy both sides before you even realize it.

Available on Amazon and Ondesk, this collection of permanent markers are designed for both quality performance as well as longevity. This is best seen through its ability to survive a 24-hour cap-off period. Here are a few more features that you ought to know:

  • Refillable for more convenience. Their cartridge is also available
  • Bullet tip for enhanced precision
  • Available in the colours of blue, black, red and green
  • Works on a variety of surfaces

Linc’s tradition of perpetual innovation has carried on the vision of Lee W. Newman, creator of the world’s first felt-tip marking pen (1910). Whether it’s wood or glass, you’ll find that these writing instruments will inscribe your words permanently on your preferred surface. Smudge-proof, water-resistant and incredible impressions with ink, these find their use in a variety of industries.

And it goes without saying that the best ones can be found at Linc.



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