Anyone who writes often or even a little, has a handwriting style that is unique to them. While people’s handwritings have changed a lot over the last several decades, with more and more people working with computers, and less people actually writing content, there is a definite change in the way people write anything. While handwritten letters can show off over 5,000 different personality traits, most of them are grouped together in these following handwriting styles.

How Size Matters

Your personality tends to match the size of your writing. If you tend to write large letters, you are likely to have a big personality and you are outgoing and like attention. If you write small letters, it means you are focused and concentrated. Medium sized letters mean you are more well balanced.

Line Thickness

If the lines you draw are thin, it means you are gentle and like to avoid confrontation. Thicker lines mean you are more aggressive and assertive, while a medium line quality means you are comfortable and well suited with the way things are.

How’s your S

If the S in your handwriting is rounded, it may mean that you like to please people and are willing to go far, for others to like you. A sharper or pointy S means you are open to new things and likely to study new things. Those with S open at the bottom, it means you probably are dissatisfied with somethings in life, like doing something you do not want to do.


The direction of your slants in your handwriting can tell a few unique things about you. If your handwriting slants to the right, you tend to be generally open to the world and like to socialize, while with those that slants to the left, means you like to stay or work alone. The ones with no slant are typically on the logical side.


If you write letters spaced far apart, it signifies you are quite creative and probably have an artistic flair. Those that have letters that are very close together, indicate a pragmatic kind of person who likes to plan stuff ahead. The typical spacing between letters is described as one half of a lower case, like an "o" fitting between each.


The aspect of alignment is all about your concentration level. If your sentences start to curve up or down, regardless of if there are lines on the page or not, it means you are pretty easily distracted and lose focus on what you are doing. A straight alignment means you are focused and tend to be a responsible person.

The L Loops

Most people write with a looped L,  but If you do not have a loop on your L, it means you tend to feel restricted. A full loop on the L means you are more spontaneous and relaxed.

Also The E Loops

Those that leave a small space in the lower case "e" loop means that you are more skeptical. A full loop on the E means you are open minded and like to experience new things.

Could you relate with any of these?

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