Creativity is a stepping stone to learning and success. When children are creative they will always figure a way out of everyday problems. Children become confident, inquisitive, resourceful and thoughtful when they are able to use their imagination, so it is important to introduce coloring tools to them from a young age.  Color pens, especially Sketch pens have always had a special place in the hearts of children all over the world, offering them the opportunity to create all kinds of artwork in color.

Sketch pens have evolved greatly over the years and have made it possible for people to get more out of their projects. With new and improved features like specially designed tip & smooth ink flow for better expression, sketch pens are available in a bevy of colors, which means that a wide range of artwork can be created by using them. While introducing sketch pens for children, it is important to check that the ink used on them is non-toxic, so that no harm is caused to children who would often be exposed to the chemicals for hours. The Mini Kiddy range of Color Sketch Pens from Linc ensures complete safety for your child with non-toxic ink. What's more? It has 40% more ink and lasts longer so that there is no end to your children’s artistic joys. With a pack 12 color sketch pens available in black, red,  green, violet, pink, orange, light blue, leaf green, blue, brown, yellow, neon yellow color, there will indeed be no end to your children’s creative pursuits.


So give them a coloring book or even a white paper and see them explore the world of colours using their imagination. For school children, Linc Mini Kiddy  gives them an opportunity to create artwork, decorate school projects and use them for highlighting text. The 12 color sketch pens come with plastic caps to prevent them from drying fast, ensuring they last long in your child’s journey to draw lines, shapes, patterns and curves to alphabets, numbers and words and illustrious artwork in a world of colors. Linc Mini Kiddy is a great companion for your child’s growing up years with its child-friendly size, design and packaging and is sure to keep your children captivated for years to come. You can shop for them online at Amazon and Ondesk.



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