Every invention that we see today was created out of necessity. The pen for writing. The light bulb for illumination. The telephone for communication. These were created out of a need for convenience and comfort in daily life. While some do not pose a direct threat to the environment, there are many that have been projected to jeopardize nature and its existence in the years to come.

The biggest one today is the danger of using plastic.

When it was first created, it was actually a breakthrough due to its lightweight and durable properties coupled with its ability to help in everyday affairs. What many did not see coming are the repercussions it was bound to bring with its tremendous popularity and usage over time.

To make matters worse, did you know that plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose but only serve a one-time use? The problems created by plastic have been acknowledged as a worldwide threat with many countries taking strict action to prevent its usage and spread.

Standing for the same cause, Linc being an esteemed pen manufacturer in India has partnered with Wunderman Thompson on World Earth Day to raise awareness of this pressing concern among others.

Let’s see what this campaign is all about.

“When You Reuse a Pen, You Don’t Write Nature Off”

Without anybody even realizing it, we all play significant roles in the protection of the environment. Whether it’s the big activities we undertake or the small actions such as using a dustbin to throw away waste, our day-to-day habits can go a long way in saving nature.

Even if we choose to reuse a plastic ball pen instead of throwing it out.

This basic action can be truly effective down the line and Linc is one among the popular pen brands that have understood its importance. As a result, the brand has released a digital animated film in order to throw light on this message. The video begins with a little girl writing on a piece of paper. As she writes, the ink seems to suddenly stop. She then opens the pen, replaces the old refill with a new one and continues writing.

We see her inscribing the names of a few endangered animals which magically come to life as the letters begin to take the shape of the animal that is written on paper. Using melodica and mandolin, the music sets a positive mood for the viewers. What’s really interesting is the simple approach that it takes to deliver a serious message such as plastic pollution and environmental protection. This is where the beauty of the film lies.


Consequently, it is a clear portrayal of how a small act like using a refill to prevent the waste of plastic can help the lives of a variety of species.

On a larger note, however, it goes to prove that we have the power to write our own stories and make the world a better place. It is we who must act after knowing the stakes and responsibilities at hand. After all, we share the same earth and must take



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