Today, Spellinc is known as a national event that tests the knowledge of students on English spelling and words. It has a wide coverage of roughly 1500 schools over 11 cities and reaches out to over 5 lakh students. Organized by Linc Pen and Plastics Limited, it is an initiative that not only tests students based on English spelling and vocabulary, instead, it looks at a much larger picture. It strives to encourage others to master the usage of correct spelling and grammar in the English language.


What started as a recreational activity among employees back in 1999 has now transformed into a national event. In fact, many academicians across the country have given immense accolades to this initiative. While providing a huge platform for students to compete, it is also a step towards a brighter India. Hence, Spellinc is held at the grassroots level in order to instill the practice of proper English in everyday life.

Here’s what Spellinc is all about.


Competition Breakdown

The entire competition is divided into two groups of participants. Category 1 includes students from Grade 5 and 6 while Category 2 includes students from grade 7 and 8. What follow next are 3 rounds that include the following:

Round 1: The first round takes place in schools. A 20-minute MCQ-based written test is conducted for students. From these, toppers of both the Category 1 and 2 from each school qualify to compete in the second round.

Round 2:  The semi-finals are conducted amongst the school toppers. 10 toppers from each category move on to the next stage. This means that there will be a total of 20 toppers that will qualify for the grand finale.

Round 3:  From the list of qualifying participants, the top 3 winners of each category are awarded here.


Rules and Regulations

All participants must be equipped with their original admit cards, the winner’s certificate of the previous rounds and their respective school’s identity card. Proper schools uniform is compulsory. Participants are requested to carry a light meal and an exam clipboard – basic stationery is provided during the competition.

It is important to be on time. Hence, participants should be at the venue at least 30 minutes before the competition begins. Spellinc takes no responsibility for the arrival and dismissal of the participants.


Rewards and Recognition

Keeping these several rules in mind, it’s important to do your best and make your school proud.

Competing on a platform as big as Spellinc is nothing short of an opportunity to bring out the best in you. As a matter of fact, it is also a representation of the values of the school you belong to. Through Spellinc, your talent and skills in English are both recognized and rewarded.

Acknowledging students who have tried their best, Spellinc awards a certificate of participation to all in light of their efforts. The winner’s certificate for each category in Round 1 is sent directly to each school. In Round 2, the selected 20 toppers stand to win a medal and certificate of merit as well as Linc gift hampers. The top 3 winners from each category receive a trophy, certificate and gift hampers at the finals.

Talent and hard work are always rewarded but first, there needs to be an opportunity. A chance to shine, to let others know of your hidden strengths and expertise. That is exactly what Spellinc provides – a competition that recognizes your skills in the English language among premier schools and institutions.


Spellinc is an event that both students, as well as schools, look forward to. It has been a grand event for the past 19 years and is only growing with time. With rounds such as Rapid Fire and Crosswords, it takes an exciting approach towards the correct usage of the language. Hence, it is a subtle push towards supporting education while offering a healthy, competitive environment for students.

Be sure to catch next year’s Spellinc!



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