We all know the basic reason behind the selection of a certain pen.

In short, it’s about functionality. The ability to enhance the writing experience through a smooth and easy ink flow without much effort from the hand. Then again, there’s the writing experience itself which transforms into something pleasant and even enjoyable to a degree.

But can there be bigger forces at play?

The justification of going beyond functionality seems rather unlikely. Of course, you would probably opt for a better nib, larger ink storage capacity and matters related to the overall build. However, a pen is more than just a writing instrument, just like how words are more than ink on paper.

It’s more to do with aesthetics. Who you are and what you like. Your individualistic tastes and preferences reflected through a small instrument. An expression of personal appeal. In light of these, a pen seeks to create emotional resonance among users and actually shares a place among other purchases like watches and cars.

This explanation makes more sense but it’s still just a piece of the puzzle.

Let’s zoom in and take a look at the big picture.


Sign of Status

It is said that no accessory says more about a man than the pen he carries. In this regard, a pen also stands as a reflection of status whose details can send powerful signals to others. A simple instance is British interior designer Tim Gosling’s Namiki fountain pen, a gift from Lord Browne Madingley. He didn’t realize its impact until he overheard his housekeeper comparing his notes to ‘a formal decree from Elizabeth the First.’

The pen you choose can actually say more about you than words ever can.


Penning Emotions

Edward Norton, perhaps best known for starring in ‘The Illusionist’ and ‘Fight Club’, often writes early screenplay drafts with a pen. But it doesn’t end there for him. In fact, his theatre company in New York has a tradition of ‘passing the pen on’ each year. Even without the actor’s own experience, countless events such as promotions, birthdays and academic achievements have seen pens changing hands.

Hence, a pen signifies trust, respect and is even seen as a gesture of appreciation.


Sacred Heirlooms

Forged by aesthetics and craftsmanship, pens have been passed down as gifts for centuries. Whether fathers to children or CEOs to staff, they become a keepsake and transcend the original purpose of writing altogether. This forms and fosters a sort of bond that truly needs no description. In fact, these gifts last for years on end and do not lose value or appeal with time.

With a pen, you have a timeless tool that connects people and generations.

Penmanship is so much more than just pen and paper. It’s an art. It’s an emotion. It’s a gift. It’s elegance incarnate. As a matter of fact, fashionable luxury brands like Louis Vuitton have delved into the foray of pens and office supplies. Brands have acknowledged pens as decorative items that stand as a style statement today.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Pens have and always will continue to stand out in more ways than one.



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