Meditation is one of the best ways to relax your body and simultaneously alleviate stress and anxiety. But among its various forms, art therapy has emerged as one of the most popular ones owing to the combined benefits of both relaxation plus creativity and fun into one activity.

This is exactly what constitutes the magic of Mandala art meditation.

Not many know that this practice has actually existed for hundreds of years! Various religions like Hinduism and Buddhism have seen them as a representation of the universe through sacred circles. Similarly, Native Americans, Taoists and Christians have also incorporated Mandala art into their spiritual practices.

Being a fairly universal form of art, it has been a part of meditation throughout the ages - even as we find ourselves in a digital era. Thankfully, everyone can easily get their hands on its benefits today. Time has made this more accessible with downloadable content, well-crafted images off the internet and even Mandala colouring books for grownups.

But have you wondered what makes it such a hit among people today?

Or in other words, what exactly constitutes this art form?


What is a Mandala?

Mandala is a Sanskrit word that means ‘circle.’

But of course, it’s so much more than that.

To be precise, a mandala is a complex collection of geometric shapes, patterns and symbols that begin from a clearly identifiable centre point. They are typically shown in a circular form and these patterns repeat themselves in a rhythm to create an aesthetic and stunning result.

Doing the same thing over and over may seem a bit mundane to many. That’s perhaps the biggest misconception here! The destination is the journey itself and this couldn’t be any truer while creating a Mandala.

Don’t think about how it will look upon completion. Live in the moment, let the soothing rhythm take over and just go with the flow! Granted, it can seem super difficult at first but it’s actually quite the opposite.

But before getting into that, do you know the variety of benefits of drawing a mandala?


More Than Just Drawing: How a Mandala Transcends Art

Stress Relief

Daily life can be a struggle and people are juggling with a variety of tasks each day. Whether the stress of working from home or the tensions regarding family matters, mental health has become a major highlight of today’s global scenario. Drawing Mandalas are a great way to release emotional blockages, anxiety and pent up stress. Being a form of therapy, it’s a relaxing exercise that takes your mind off things and puts you in a safe, comforting place.

Meditation Proxy

In situations where physical activities like running and jogging are not possible, Mandala art has proven to be a great way of balancing the mind and body. Moreover, what many don’t know is that drawing and colouring a Mandala has shown the same effects as that of meditation. That means that you don’t have to sign up for those yoga classes! Just grab your favourite 0.6mm gel pen and get to work!

Enhanced Focus

Though simple if broken down, drawing a Mandala requires great attention to detail owing to the lines and shapes that are produced. As you create them little by little, you’ll find several changes coming your way. Increased focus, a longer attention span and a deeper level of engagement are some of the advantages you are bound to receive. This has especially proven helpful to children with ADHD and impulsive behaviour.

Sparks Creativity

Drawing a Mandala is also an effective way of expressing one’s creative side. For those that neglect it due to the daily grind of life, Mandalas help people rediscover their creativity and spontaneity. This art form uses any medium and colour and doesn’t require any prior experience in art. Using pencils, smooth gel pens, colours and a compass, you can create a masterpiece on paper based on your own designs.


Yes, it really is that simple!

It’s precisely why many have placed their faith in art therapy as compared to other forms.

Art therapy is not about the end result. Rather, it’s all about the process of achieving it. Mindfulness, positive headspace and a self-soothing environment – that’s what you can expect from Mandala art and the geometric yet therapeutic circles of calm.

Expect peace and pleasure, both in one package.



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