Open old school notebooks, and you might find small patterns, designs, sketches and more, interlacing page after page. Knowingly or unknowingly we have all been doodlists and even continue to be now. Doodling has been an escape of sorts. It has gotten us through many boring lectures, classes or even powerpoint presentations that you have no interest in keeping up with.

So what exactly is Doodling? To draw, sketch or scribble idly, can be defined as doodling. Advocators of the art form will say that with practice the art helps you develop nuances and personalized styles that are unique to you.

As an art form Doodling is rather forgiving - it is not rigid as there is no right or wrong way to Doodle. This is one of the many reasons that the art form has seen a lot of takers in the past year or so.

During the lockdown, people have taken to Doodling due to multiple reasons. Not only is it easy to do, but it is also relaxing. People who have started Doodling regularly find it to have many benefits including:

  • Doodling helps your memory 

In a study conducted by Harvard, it was found that Doodling helps people recall things better. Subjects were made to listen to a long and boring conversation. Those who doodled experienced had a better recall of the conversation than those who did not.

Doodling lets you learn more creatively and while there research is still developing further inferences, so far the impacts of doodling are positive for our memory.

  • Doodling helps you relax 

During the lockdown, most of us found ourselves under undue stress and anxiety. People who took up doodling found it to be a big stress buster. Since doodling involves rhythmic motions and repetitions - it relaxes our nerves. This response is the counter action of our body’s fight or flight instinct, thus reducing stress.

  • Unlock your creativity 

You can doodle about anything and everything. From plants to scenery to instruments to alphabets. Your doodles can have a form or can even be abstract. The art form allows you to have complete control on the output. Hence, it is known to be cathartic for many.

Curious to try it for yourself? What are you waiting for? Here are some of the stationary that you could use to get started:

  • Pens and pencils 

While there is no specific pen or pencil that you need to create Doodles, you can explore a range of pens to see which you are most comfortable with. Some people prefer gel pens like the Linc Fashion Gel while others like a ballpoint pen like the Pentonic B-RT . Graphite pencils are recommended for Doodling, but it is not a mandate.

  • Ink pen set 

It is generally recommended to use ink pens to get the outlines of your doodles. Pick one that chooses your personal style and provides you the ease of use that you are after. We recommend the Linc Majesta.

Doodles can be made with markers as well. While black is the most preferred and common colour for doodling, artists have started using a myriad of colourful markers for their doodles.

  • Paper 

Any piece of paper is okay to Doodle on, but if you are planning to keep a record of your work a sketch pad is a good choice. Choose one in a size that you can carry around on your person. After all, inspiration or boredom may just be around the corner!

While Doodling as a mechanism to kill time and chase away boredom seems easy, taking it up as a habit might seem challenging. Fret not. Here are some tips that will help you take up the art of Doodling and nurture it as a habit and maybe even as a skill.

  • Free your mind - the biggest impediment that people face while performing or practicing art is that of judgement. As an exercise time yourself for 10 minutes and let inspiration flow. Don’t put down your pen and Doodle whatever comes to your mind. This will help you gain confidence and even understand what you personally like and dislike.
  • See things as you want - Let shapes only be a guiding factor in your doodles rather than a defining principle. Doodling is a free form of art and has no right or wrong. Therefore let loose and let creativity flow.
  • Use a variety of thicknesses in your lines - To add more character to your doodles, you can experiment with lines of various thickness. Some lines can be with pens, while others can be with markers. This will help you further develop your personal style. We recommend using Linc Markline Permanent Markers 

Try these tips and tricks and you too can take up Doodling easily. Lend your Doodles your personal style and you’ll enjoy it more and more!

Happy Doodling!



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