In this Digital Era, where everyone wants their work to be done at lightning speed and preferably “on the go”, people hardly get time to pen down their thoughts. Everyone’s mostly communicating through emails and messages, novels are written in word processors and the brightest of ideas are dictated on cell phones. But, let’s not forget the fact that signatures look better in ink than scribbled on a tablet, and even the briefest handwritten note looks more personal than any email could ever aspire to be. Don’t you guys agree? If yes, then read on!

From corporate to creative professionals, we have got a wide variety of pens to offer you all! Linc Pen has the sleekest of pens for corporate professionals, and the smoothest of pens for the creative people who have to scribble and doodle day in, day out.

So here’s a list of pens we recommend to both Corporate and Creative Professionals.


Signetta Gold

Available in the colours – black and blue, Signetta Gold is one of those very few ballpoint pens in the market that serves a dual purpose:

  • It provides the writer with an effortless writing experience.
  • It provides optimum grip to the writer.

Apart from providing the user with the comfort of grip and effortless gliding, Signetta Gold has also got an advanced retraction mechanism, smudge-free ink for document safety, and a 0.7mm ballpoint that provides a steady flow of ink for higher writing length. Since this is a retractable pen, with one click, people can easily note down points when they are on a call, or when their other hand is occupied.
Purchase this pen from amazon, add it to your stationery kit, and double your way to the top!

Meeting G1

Stylish from the outside and supremely efficient from the inside, our Meeting G1 is one of those ball pens that every corporate employee must own.

With its 0.7mm ballpoint and firm grip, this pen provides a smooth and stress-free experience to the writer. Tuck it in your shirt’s pocket or carry it along with your diary, the pen will surely grab eyeballs; thanks to its Golden Corporate look!

Executive Sharpline

To enhance your writing experience a notch higher, we thought of coming up with a pen that has got a lubriflow ink system and an elastomeric grip. That’s how we invented this marvelous pen – ‘Executive Sharpline’ popularly known as the ‘Executive SL500’.

Unlike the other corporate utility pens, this has got a 0.55 tip size, which makes the writing sleeker. But do you know what the best part is? This pen is available in 4 different colours – black, blue, red and green. Grab all four colours and make your corporate plan look aesthetically pleasing!

Buy these from amazon or a local stationery shop near you.

Pentonic B-RT

When anxiousness triggers and you feel like fidgeting, our ‘Pentonic B-RT’ is there to the rescue! Keep clicking it all day long, whenever you are feeling anxious or brainstorming with your team.

An absolutely stunning aerodynamic body with a smart grip and fine tip (0.7mm), this pen surely deserves a place in your office’s pen stand. Pentonic B-RT also has a superior push-start button and advanced retract mechanism, hence, you don’t have to worry about ruining the pen by clicking it a thousand times per day.

Our Pentonic B-RT is easily available in any stationery shop, and even on amazon!


Pentonic Ball Assorted

Scribbling on a notepad with a pen that feels heavy on your fingers is a big no-no! That’s exactly why we launched our ‘Pentonic Ball Assorted’ pens that are as light as the feather and glides smoothly on any surface.

With a tip that has a 1.0mm ballpoint, this pen is ideal for the ones who scribble and sketch on a daily basis. Care to know the colour variants? Well, you’ll be happy to know that our Pentonic Ball Assorted is available in 10 different colours!

To know which colours these pens are available in, simply scroll through the Linc Pen website!

Pentonic Gel Assorted

If ball pens don’t really help your “creative juices” flow, then here’s a gel pen that we have specially curated for the creative peeps – ‘Pentonic Gel Assorted’

As light as the Pentonic ball, the gel variant is also a great buy if you’re someone who not only loves scribbling but also likes to doodle, sketch or draw mandalas. Apart from being light and easy to use, there are three other reasons why this gel pen stands out –

  • Available in 12 different colours (Blue, Black, Red, Green, Light Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Light Blue, Brown, Silver and Gold)
  • Available with 3 different tip sizes (Blue, Black, Red and Green are 0.6 mm tips, Light Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Light Blue and Brown are 0.7 mm tips and Silver and Gold are 1.0 mm tips)
  • Quick dry ink – so no more worrying about smudging!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on these feather-light gel pens available on Amazon!

Pentonic Pencil

Along with pens, creative professionals also need pencils to scribble down their ideas. They consider a pencil to be their “magic wand”. Therefore, we have come up with this user-friendly – ‘Pentonic Pencil’. Easy to hold,  due to its triangular shape and light on your fingers, this pencil is undoubtedly a magic wand that can help you write or scribble for hours, without even numbing your fingers.

So, along with a couple of pens, do add our Pentonic Pencils in your stationery box! Buy them from your nearest stationary shop.

For our new launches, keep an eye out on our website!



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