While gifting is one of the most selfless forms of appreciation and love, it can actually prove to be quite a difficult task. This is because we find ourselves without information about the tastes and needs of the recipients. At the same time, we cannot guess their reactions and we often think the gift was too inappropriate or unsuitable later.

Similarly, buying something that is expensive and fancier may not necessarily make you look better. A gift should ideally be something that’s personal, attractive as well as useful to the person on the other end of the table. Hence, the process of choosing a gift is nothing less than a dilemma.

How about a Linc pen?

It’s no secret that pens play a major role when it comes to daily life and are not just limited to schools and offices. They have served as the most ideal and traditional form of gifts for years on end. Impressive in build and efficient in ink flow, pens manufacturers such as Linc have always been preferred by the general public as the first choice.

However, here’s why choosing a Linc pen is the perfect gifting option for you.

Functional to daily life

Are you searching for a gift that actually serves a purpose to daily life? You may have noticed how some have no practical use and become shrouded in dust in a cupboard somewhere. Everybody loves and appreciates a gift that is useful to their day-to-day existence. In that regard, what better choice than a Linc pen? Teachers, writers, artists, designers, lawyers, students and doctors all find favour in using it and so will the recipient.

Inexpensive yet impactful

‘It’s always the thought that counts’ – the basic notion behind giving a gift. Sometimes, you don’t need to show off your wealth with a high-priced object. Even simple ones like pens go a long way when it comes to the heartfelt display of emotion. Similarly, pens with good grip and smooth ink flow make for great gifts. In this regard, try Majesta Zenith that is widely popular for its comfortable, textured grip.

Long-lasting gift

While being immensely useful to daily life, a pen from the top pen supplier in India, is also known for its longevity in both build and ink flow. Pens such as Majesta Verta act as the ideal gifts since they are both durable and attractive in design. Even after its ink is finished, a Linc pen will remain long-after its use is over. Hence, it serves as a great gift that can be both used and stored as a memory of the person’s thoughtfulness and appreciation.

Emotional impact

Just like the use of the professor’s pen in ‘3 Idiots’, the importance of a pen as a gift is clearly highlighted here. It is the perfect traditional gift that symbolizes a bond between both people. Whether for the appreciation as a person or celebrating academic achievements, a pen transcends a basic writing instrument when used as a gift. Explore the range of Linc’s Majesta series such as Majesta Nobila or Majesta Meridio for a flawless gift to strengthen your bonds with others.

Suitable for all occasions

People are often wrapped in confusion when it comes to buying a gift. “Will it be too inappropriate for him?” “Will she really be satisfied?” Whether you're in search of a birthday present or trying to find something for your colleagues during festive occasions, a Linc pen is a great gift for everyone on your list. This is due to its beauty coupled with utility in everyday life. Choosing a pen such as Grande from the top pen brand makes for a great option in this regard.

It’s no secret that pens are used extensively in everyday life besides their importance in schools and offices. Whether a grandfather doing the daily crossword, a mother preparing a grocery list or a child doing her homework, you can’t go wrong when you choose a pen - especially from the top penmanufacturer and supplier in India.

Many will agree that nothing comes close to the traditional grandeur and influence of a pen. With Linc, you can browse through a vast collection and choose the perfect writing instrument as a gift to your loved ones. You’ll find a variety of options besides its popular Grande and Majesta series from this top pen brand.

So give the special people in your life something that goes beyond the ordinary.

Gift them a Linc pen.











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