All the energy of thinking is eventually shown in the nib of a pen.

Paulo Coelho rightly highlights the strong, unexplainable relation of authors to their prized possessions. As you know, an author is quite closely attached to the pen he/she uses.

Even with the option of high performance laptops and gadgets, most of the greatest writers still continue to use their classic pen in order to create the magical aura that surrounds their books and literature. But what about their enchanting instruments?


Check out what your favourite authors have been using and why!

1. Mark Twain: Conklin Cresent Filler

This world-famous author is perhaps known for his book, ‘The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn’. However, a lesser known fact about him is that he was quite intrigued by fountain pens. His most favourite of them all was the newly-invented Conklin Cresent. It became the most important thing in his life and through it, the most loved story of Jim and Huck was brought out to the world.

2. Stephen King: Waterman

The ‘King of Horror’ mentioned Waterman to be one of his favourite pens. In fact, he states that it is “the world's finest processor”. He reveals that it helped him to slow down in a good way and focus on every word he wrote. Waterman has hence, been his best friend during every masterpiece he conceived.

3. Arthur Conan Doyle: Parker Duofold pen

This name is the most popular in the world of detective chronicles. This author gave us our favourite Sherlock Holmes. He prefers to write with his finest Parker Duofold pen. He believed this pen allowed the entrance of the free flow of thoughts and helped him pen down his creations in a smoother form.

4. Neil Gaiman: Waterman, Visconti, etc.

With a collection of about 60 fountain pens, this award winning author enjoys their company with a change of ink colour each day. He traces it back to 1994 when he wrote the novel Stardust. Here’s what he later revealed in an interview:


“It was the first time I’d used a fountain pen since I was about 13. I found myself enjoying writing more slowly and liked the way I had to think through sentences differently. I discovered I loved the fact that handwriting forces you to do a second draft, rather than just tidying up and deleting bits on a computer.”

These writing instruments were the secret to many bestsellers worldwide. Of course, while a pen itself allows individual minds to represent their thoughts and ideas on paper, every author selects one with meticulous care. Just as each author is unique in approach and perspective, pens themselves have a subtle charm and discernible quirk of their own,

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