Linc is renowned as a leading manufacturer and supplier of writing instruments in India. It has been serving the nation for decades through an assortment of quality products at cost-effective rates. While it is the Indian audience that primarily benefits from their offerings, Linc has opened new channels of distribution with time to market its innovative products to a larger audience over the years.

Today, its extensive network reaches as far as 50 countries such as South East Asia and Africa. Linc has endeavoured to bring diverse and efficient products to audiences all over the world. Be it ball pens, gel pens, retractable pens or stationery, this brand has been a staple among families for generation after generation.


Here are a Few Vital Details about Linc's Export Information

Three Certified Factories

Creating and supplying splendid products with timely delivery, the factories under Linc pay great attention to all safety, quality and environmental standards. There are three factories in total where all factories are ISO 9001:2015 certified and two of the factories are also SA 8000:2014 certified. Near Kolkata, there is a manufacturing unit in Umbergaon with the other two manufacturing units in Serakole and Falta (with an annual capacity of close to 1 billion units).

Over 90% of Exports in our Brand

Even while LInc is engaged with Mitsubishi Pencil Co. Ltd. (Japan) to exclusively distribute, market and package Mitsubishi’s Uni-ball brand, the main part of exports happen under their own brand. Take the top-selling Pentonic which exhibits a footing in regions such as Bangladesh and Haiti. The products crafted by Linc have a charm of their own and hence, contribute to a major share of exports, even with the presence of giants such as Mitsubishi and Deli.

National and Worldwide Participation

Those who possess a keen enthusiasm for English grammar and spelling will definitely have heard about Spellinc. Drawing a large audience over the years, this event hosted by Linc is always welcomed with great excitement from both students and schools alike. At the same time, Linc is known to participate regularly in international exhibitions such as Paperworld Middle East and Paperworld Frankfurt. Hence, its strong influence easily crosses into international waters.

Presence in International Markets

A splendid product will always reach the right audience when it comes to the case of quality. This is precisely why Linc is able to have an export turnover percentage of 20%. Keeping this in mind, the highest exporting countries are Myanmar, Russia, Yemen and Sudan among others. While being amongst the top brands in countries such as these, its Glycer, Offix and Pentonic range are among the highest selling products in a variety of regions across the globe.

Specializing in a wide range of low and ultra-low viscosity ballpoint pens, gel pens and markers, it’s no surprise that Linc has managed to capture the hearts of those in far off locations. Highly reputed amongst the top manufacturers and exporters of writing Instruments from India, Linc has always strived to bring novel and diverse products to both national and international markets.

Being trusted for quality since 1976, there’s truly no better place for writing instruments and stationery.



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