With technological advancements and modern means of recording information, handwritten notes are being replaced by emails, text messages and typed letter. Of course, it’s easy to see why. However, the close, personal connection that the best grip pens and handwritten letters create is beyond comparison to the wonders of the keyboard. What’s even more incomparable is the fact that writing by hand can tell you more about yourself!

Just as how people can sense your mood through your reactions and tone of speaking, writing with your smoothest ballpoint pen leaves behind distinct footprints that indicate the type of person you are. The way you create your letters and sentences can actually give away certain features of your own characteristics. This is called graphology, the practice of analysing handwriting to uncover certain behavioural characteristics.

Research from the National Pen Company in the US suggests that handwriting can reveal up to 5,000 different personality traits!

The way you live your life, how you feel about yourself – all these and more come to light through the way you frame your letters and words.

So what exactly does it say about you?

Let’s find out below!

What Handwriting Reveals About Your Character and Personality

The Size of Letters

Large letters expose a big, outgoing personality that is generally outspoken and attention-seeking in nature. However, it may also suggest a façade as you pretend to have a lot of confidence. Smaller letters throw the spotlight on a rather withdrawn, focused and introspective quality. If you adhere to the average size of letters, it seems you are well-adjusted and adaptable.

The Slanting of Letters

A left slant indicates that you like to keep to yourself and generally prefer working alone. It may also suggest a hint of ‘rebellion’ if you hold a pen with your right hand. In sharp contrast, a slant to the right reveals that you prefer to socialize with others while being more open to new experiences. If there is no slant, it denotes that you don’t let your emotions get the better of you while revealing a logical and practical persona.

The Pressure While Writing

Heavy pressure while writing unveils high energy levels and commitment while excessive pressure suggests you are uptight and react quickly to criticism. In this regard, light pressure shows a more sensitive and empathetic side but indicates a lack of vitality and tiredness.

The Speed of Writing

Quick writing is a sign of impatience while putting forward your hatred for delays or time wasters. However, slow writing tends to showcase a more organized, methodical and self-reliant trait.

The Spacing between Words

Wide gaps between words suggest that you enjoy your freedom and don’t like to be overwhelmed or crowded. On the contrary, narrow gaps denote that you can’t stand to be alone while also disclosing intrusive characteristics as you may tend to crowd people.

Your Distinct Signature

Legible signatures recognize confidence and being comfortable in your own skin while on the other hand, illegible signatures reveal a private personality that is truly ‘hard to read’.

While we have covered how your words bring your characteristics out in the open, what about the precise way you craft the letters of the alphabet?


Additional information when it comes to writing each letter:

‘L’ for loops

  • Narrow ‘L’ loops indicate restriction which could pave the way for feelings of tension
  • Wide ‘L’ loops suggest a more relaxed and spontaneous persona with ease in self-expression

Loops with ‘e’

  • Narrow ‘e’ loops show that you’re sceptical of others and not carried away by their emotions
  • Wide ‘e’ loops reveal you’re an open-minded personality that is receptive to new experiences

Everything above the ‘i’

  • Is it high above? You have a great imagination
  • Is it just above it? You are organized and detail-oriented
  • Is it towards the left? You tend to procrastinate
  • Is it circular? You’re both visionary and childlike
  • Is it slashed? You’re overly self-critical and don’t tolerate inadequacy

Cross your T’s

  • Are they short? You seem lazy and lack determination
  • Are they long? You’re determined and enthusiastic but stubborn
  • Is it at the top? You have good self-esteem and are ambitious
  • Is it right in the middle? You are comfortable in your own skin

Go for ‘O’

  • Opened O’s suggest a more social, expressive and talkative personality
  • Closed O’s indicate that you’re an introvert and limit sharing your feelings

Each of us on this Earth possess a distinct identity and fingerprint so to speak. No one is the same and none of us have the exact same handwriting as the other. Using the best grip pens during kindergarten and school would have helped in the formation of basic handwriting. But as we grow, we each begin to develop individual traits that are truly unique.

We encounter change as individuals and this metamorphosis can be brought to light through our very own exclusive style of writing.

Perhaps more so than we realize.



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