For art and colouring enthusiasts, there are indeed thousands of products in the market to choose from. So why would Gel Pens catch the fancy of artists and aspirants all over? The primary reason for this is, Gel pens have nibs as fine as ballpoint pens, which means that you can produce extra fine coloring details and colour tight spaces with ease. The finer nibs give you extra control, making gel pens particularly good for applying texture and embellishments to your colouring pages, doodles, calligraphy or mandalas.

There are many reasons for preferring a gel pen to ballpoint pens or sketch pens for coloring projects or artwork. Gel Pens are not just for the thinner, more elegant lines, but also for making your handwriting or illustrations look a lot neater. Gel pens are majorly used by School going students as well as art enthusiasts. Keeping these aspects in mind, Linc has introduced Pentonic Multicolor Gel Pen With Hard Tray Case in an assorted, multicolor set, as a new product in the gel pen category. The ultra-low viscosity ink used in Pentonic Gel Pens apply smoothly to the paper providing a crisp, colorful and opaque finish similar to paint. This means that colouring your imagination with Pentonic Gel Pens produce a vibrant colour with much less effort than using colouring pencils.  The 12 pens are available in 3 sizes, 0.5, 0.7, 1.0 mm :
0.6 mm - Blue, Black, Red & Green
0.7 mm - Violet, Pink, Brown, Orange, Light Green & Light Blue
1.0 mm - Metalic Gold & Metalic Silver

Linc Pens makes its set of writing instruments available in several colours for one to choose from. When it comes to Pentonic Gel Pens, these come in twelve vibrant colors. Colourful illustrations with Pentonic Gel Pens stand the test of time, as it comes with Waterproof Gel Ink with Quick Dry Technology that dries in seconds to prevent smudging and smearing to deliver neat results. Being light-weight with a sleek body, this gel pen is extremely reliable and comfortable to use, offering a smooth, creative writing experience with lines that won’t break or bleed.



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