On the surface, it seems as if a pen is a mere tool for writing and jotting down notes. Consequently, its necessity as a writing instrument is all we know it for. However, this is different when you consider a pen in the corporate world. A pen then transcends its basic purpose and goes on to represent one’s distinct style and preferences. It says more about appearances without the use of words.

Combining both functionality and style, businesses also see pens in a different light than the common public. A symbol of trust or even as a gesture of appreciation, pens also serve the role of ideal corporate gifts for employees, clients and even other businesses so as to build relationships with them. This works across small, medium as well as large-scale enterprises and companies.


Hence, there needs to be careful consideration when choosing business pens.

Here’s all you need to keep in mind.

Type of pen

This tends to include categories such as a fountain, rollerball and ballpoint pen. Each has its own features and advantages and thus should be chosen accordingly. This is mostly based on the quality of lines that are formed as well as the level of comfort you experience while writing. Since it is for work-related purposes, evaluate your choice of pen based on the overall type.

Logo imprint

Using a logo doesn’t just add appeal to a pen. It works for brand recall and other purposes as well. A logo is a symbol of all the values and ideals your organization stands for. Hence, the same needs to be reflected in style. Choosing a pen in terms of shape or colour must function to enhance the appearance of the company logo that is imprinted on the pen.

Physical appeal

Whether you choose a metal clip or a rubber grip, ensure that the pen aligns to the look you’re aiming for. Hence, the appearance must serve to bring out the essence of your company. Since these tend to be handed out to clients and employees, they need to be attractive. As a matter of fact, they also work as a great source of marketing at a relatively lesser investment.

Words and engravings

Some companies use a slogan or a CTA in case of a promotional pen. Hence, brainstorm and see if options such as a company logo, a telephone number or a short message add value to your pens. In fact, you can even find a website engraved in some. Whatever be your message, ensure it is crisp and catchy before distribution among your audience.


Making the right choice of a business pen can go a long way in forging and strengthening relationships inside and outside an organization. A business pen is not just a promotional tool in contrast to popular opinion. It plays a much bigger role than that. Being a personalized gift among stakeholders, it serves to represent the values of an organization. It also acts as a formal recognition of one’s achievement in their respective industry while also highlighting and appreciating the hard work of its employees.


As a result, such pens tend to leave a lasting impression on their recipients. Being practical and useful, it is directly applicable in day to day living - a companion for life. Hence, a business pen has the same attributes of a pen with a thoughtful intention other than writing.

Hence, it’s wise to choose your business pens with care.



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