Handwriting is something that is fluid and effortless. It is formed naturally at a young age and it becomes a part of our lives as it solidifies over time. However, many of us would like to change their handwriting due to reasons such as better presentation or easy readability. Whatever be the need, changing your style of writing is something that always works for the better.

However, there is one major challenge when it comes to improving your handwriting - breaking the chain of muscle memory and habit while replacing it with a new one. This process is truly time-consuming and requires perseverance and determination on the part of the writer. Since we have been inclined to write in a specific way over number years, the process may not be as easy as you think.


Keeping that in mind, here are a few simple yet effective steps towards better handwriting.

Get a grip on your pen

There are a variety of ways to hold a pen while writing. Eventually, it comes down to only one - the one way that makes you feel most comfortable and balanced. Of course, watch out for unnecessary tension and strain while writing as it leads to muscle cramps which should be avoided at all costs. Keep a loose wrist with a firm yet relaxed grip on the pen. This plays a bigger role than you realize.


Better posture equals better results

Apart from the fingers, do not neglect the role that the other parts of the body play while writing. Hence, there are a few considerations. Sit up straight while also being relaxed. Keep your arms loose and don’t solely rely on your hands to write - the movement of your arms also comes into play. Your shoulders should be loose as well. Remember, it is coordination that amounts to easy and better handwriting and not just the basic movement of your wrist.


Take your time with words and letters

Another important thing while picking up a new style is to give importance to every letter you jot down. This requires patience and constant repetition till it becomes naturally ingrained. Focus on writing each letter as neatly as you can. With time, you will be able to pick up the pace while keeping the same quality of writing intact. Hence, take your time getting familiar with letters, words and sentences.


Practice always makes perfect

Another way of improving your handwriting is by practising each day. This means practice sheets for some while it means journaling for others. Whichever you choose, make sure that it helps you to get into the habit of better writing with ease. Creative writing is also known to encourage free, expressive writing which allows one to put their thoughts on paper in a stress-free manner. Hence, your method of practice tends to have an influence on your style of writing.


It’s all about the right materials

Many tend to put extra pressure on the pen while writing. This won’t change a thing - the ink will continue to flow the way it was originally designed to. Hence, paying attention to your choice of writing instruments could greatly help in the way you write. Some will spoil your natural flow while some will offer smooth and easy writing. Identifying the right ones are sure to help down the line. Hence, choosing a pen with a consistent ink-flow is sure to help you write better.


It’s also important that you understand that no matter how good the pen is, the results are only as good as the inherent style of handwriting you possess. Attractive writing always tends to be pleasant to the eyes. No, you will not get extra marks but yes, you will definitely leave a good impression that is sure to be appreciated. Improving your handwriting skills is all about time and hard work while eventually striving to make it a habit. Hence, these 5 methods are the easiest ways to take your handwriting skills to the next level.

Keep these pointers in mind and don’t forget - the key to better writing lies in your own hands.



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