Stationery is far from ordinary commodities. They help express ourselves and add a neat touch and presentation to our work. To ensure that this writing experience of ours is made better, Linc curates quality writing instruments alongside a vast selection of products. Being a leading name in the industry, Linc caters to the needs of all, ranging from school go-ers to professional executives. Their numerous sub-brands such as Majesta and Pentonic among others provide a wide array of pens for the best outcome on paper.


Here’s why Linc is famous for its selection of stationery:


Life made colourful!

With Linc, bid farewell to mundane writing products with an innovative assortment of stationery to choose from. The multifarious pens offered by them not only vary in tip size but come in a plethora of appealing colours such as light blue, red and violet. For instance, Pentonic, one of the leading brands from the house of Linc, has devised a Pentonic Assorted Set. Its variety of colourful pens assists in colour coding notes whether at work or in school.

Reliable and trustworthy

Have you ever started to jot down running notes during lectures only to realise that your pen isn’t working and you’ve lost the professor midway? Well, that is never the case with Glycer’s wide range of coloured pens. These dependable pens are engineered with fast-flowing ink technology and glide effortlessly through the paper. Moreover, Glycer’s offerings are preferred for its easy grip and comfortable writing experience.

Designed for utmost adaptability and ease

Linc strives to give a better writing experience with its well-crafted products. They ensure easy hold and uninterrupted writing, unlike any other instrument. The thoughtfully-created supplements ascertain that your pages do not get messy with the eraser’s dust.

With Linc’s farsighted vision, its consumers are set to have an effortless experience and Pentonic’s Spinning Desk Organiser ensures just that. It is the ideal place when for your stationery due to its rotating mechanism assists that allows easy accessibility of contents to be kept in an organised manner so you never have to waste your time rummaging.

Affordability and efficiency

Linc has succeeded in manufacturing mechanically advanced stationery at affordable prices. In this regard, Markline’s fancy range of products reserves a place of its own due to its pocket-friendly stationery items. For example, Markline non-dust eraser is made to ensure zero dust with a smooth and clean erasing experience for all. Another popular product is Markline DVD/CD/OHP Markers which have an ultra-fine tip and thereby assist in fine and precise writing.

Serves all age groups

Linc’s stationery is a way that leads us to express ourselves. Linc has taken the initiative to enhance the experience of everybody who places their faith in pens. Over the years, it has created a niche for itself owing to its fascinating supplements for every necessity. Their products truly are the epitome of efficiency that assist you in better presentations irrelevant of whether it is a school project or an office presentation.


With Linc’s unwavering commitment to provide its consumers with a diverse choice of stationery to choose from, life is certainly easier. Curated to meet your requirement, these meticulously designed instruments provide an unparalleled writing experience.



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