This ‘new normal’ lifestyle that we find ourselves in, it is essential to carry our source of protection in our pockets wherever we go. For this purpose, Linc has introduced the all-new, flip-top, LINCPLUS Herbal Hand Sanitizer - pocket-sized protection in 60ml bottles. Enriched with herbs and medical-grade Isopropyl alcohol, LINCPLUS Herbal Hand Sanitizer offers gentle yet effective protection against bacteria and viruses which are spread through direct contact - all without damaging your skin.

With the all-new pocket-sized 60 ml, flip-top bottle, you can stay protected, anytime, anywhere - at your home, office, travel, washroom, before eating, outside or while playing sports.

Here are the Top 5 Benefits of our pocket-friendly flip-top LINCPLUS Herbal Hand Sanitizer: -

  1. Easy and convenient, flip-top cap ensures optimum dispensing quantity so that you can use as much or as little you need. Just flip open the cap and pour gentle protection - whenever, wherever.
  2. Travel-friendly size of this 60 ml unit makes it ideal for carrying in pockets, purses, pouches, and backpacks.
  3. The flip-top cap makes the bottles leak-proof and ensures that the sanitizer does not evaporate.
  4. LINCPLUS Herbal Hand Sanitizer can be kept in your car’s glove box for on the go use, be it at a mall parking lot or after getting your drive-in snack, whenever you need it.
  5. Perfect for office go-ers and other professionals that have active, client visiting job profiles   Just drop it in your bag or pocket and be set to safely greet clients and customers.

LINCPLUS Contains 70% pure medical-grade Isopropyl Alcohol to help wipe away disease-causing germs. Enriched with hydrating Aloe Vera, anti-microbial Lemongrass and Green tea for softer and smooth hands even after regular, repeated usage. Its mild pleasant fragrance with gentle rinse-free, non-sticky and non-irritant formula now comes in a new 60 ml pack with Flip Top cap for optimum dispensing quantity, ideal for carrying in pockets and bags.

Get LINCPLUS Herbal Hand Sanitizer at a stationery store near you or online at Ondesk and Amazon today!



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