With so many options available in even more bedazzling colours, it is easy to get overwhelmed with your visits to stationery shops. After all, there is so much laid down just for your eyes! And yes, they will all seem to have relevance on a day to day basis.

However, from this extensive range and variety that exists, there are actually only a few essentials that will get you through almost anything. So avoid the confusion! Check out this comprehensive list of stationery must-haves that you should definitely add to your kit.

The Ultimate List of Supplies: 6 Items You Really Need to Consider

Post its

We are bombarded by information on a daily basis. Whether by people we come across during school hours, office time or through digital sources, it’s hard to remember every important thing. Similarly, some information may be required for time-sensitive tasks.

In order to assure that we keep a track on these, one cannot neglect the use of post its in daily life. In fact, the digital sticky notes have also proved to be used for the same purpose – to remind us of everything that’s important and keep us prepared for the future.

So stay ‘posted’ on your daily activities with ease!


Synonymous with writing instruments, tools such as diaries and notebooks also occupy a good place when it comes to your selection of stationery. These are important due to their ability to help record information and details of events such as lectures and discussions.

Life is a series of moments and experiences where inspiration can strike at any time and brilliant ideas and thoughts need a resting place. That’s where a notebook comes in. Besides being a collection of pages, there are several uses and benefits of using notebooks:

●     Journaling

●     Reminders

●     Tracking activity

●     Organization

●     Tangible record

●     Flexible medium

●     Ease in expression

The best advantage of using them is that there is no charger required!


Information comes in all shapes and sizes. Handmade notes. Printouts and xeroxes. Textbooks and guidebooks. The list goes on. However, not everything is meant to be committed to memory. Undoubtedly, nobody is expected to memorize these down to the last letter as well.

But to lay emphasis on the crucial parts and neatly segregate the ones that need attention, a highlighter is truly essential when it comes to notes and documents. Of course, more colours lead to more specialization and organization and consequently, there is a greater appeal.

It’s time to add a colourful highlight to your day!


Whether for college goers or office people, paperwork plays an important part in the daily affairs of several people. Hence, files, folders and binders share one common purpose – to protect your important documents while also keeping them easily organized.

You’ll be able to locate and identify your contents at a glance which makes it easy for both school and office work. Keeping your files, papers and documents in folders will prove to work wonders and thus, these cannot afford to be neglected from your stationery collection.

So ‘fold’ your OCD worries into happiness by choosing the best ones!

Pens and pencils

Being the building blocks of writing, it’s almost obvious that one should keep a great set of pens and pencils in regards to choosing stationery essentials. However, this includes two basic considerations when it comes to the selection process.

The first one is the colour of the ink and its overall quality as a writing instrument. While black and blue are normally preferred, the distinction between ball, gel, fountain and rollerball are typically personal. The second one includes the extras that come with pencils such as erasers, sharpeners and other relevant items that should be included.

So write your way to perfection with the greatest collection!

Staplers and tape

In some cases, paper clips don’t make the cut in terms of utility and design. To ensure your documents stay together, staplers happen to be the most professional and popular option to do so. It is especially useful for fastening large stacks of paperwork and can also be used as a paperweight.

Also serving a similar purpose, cello tape is not just used to wrap presents for festive occasions as most perceive. Rather, it has a variety of uses such as repairing tears in papers, attaching things to other surfaces and so on. You’ll find that the benefits of these items truly outweigh the costs.

Hence, staplers and cello tape are truly a ‘staple’!

So as you decide to work hard and smart, these everyday items will prove to be more useful than people give them credit for. In fact, stationery has played a great role for children and adults alike and getting the right items is sure to save time and maximize benefits to everyday life.

So the next time you walk into a stationery store, you’ll know exactly how to upgrade!




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