Touchscreens and keyboards have clearly become an indispensable tool for our daily existence today. However, with the emphasis on pressing the right key rather than on the seamless flow of thought, it’s not surprising that many refuse to part with the age-old process of writing. The feeling of putting pen to paper, moving the instrument for greater flexibility and the harmony of directing movement alongside thought makes it a strong force to reckon with.

Whether with smooth gel pens or ball pens, writing is also seen as a way to effectively structure your thoughts and ideas. As a matter of fact, studies have suggested that the practice can foster the brain’s attentive focus while helping it to process, retain and retrieve information. Besides that, the act of jotting things down by hand improves memory, promotes deeper thinking and encourages reflection. It also offers an experience that modern technology cannot come close to.

Think about it. With a multitude of platforms like Twitter or Instagram, we can agree that these are ideal for quick exchanges of information. But what about the human touch? Sharing one’s true thoughts and feelings via email or text messages can never be as effective when compared to the written word by a quality ballpoint pen. Why else do you think emoticons were invented?

Here are a Few Major Reasons Why People Still Prefer the Art of Writing

Expression of Emotion

The written word has always been known to carry enhanced relatability. Whether revealing the innermost fears or the most wonderful moments, writing tends to replicate this identically on paper with considerable ease. Keeping this in mind, a written message to someone with the smoothest gel pens tends to carry more power since it personally carries the feelings of the writer to the recipient at the other end. Similarly, people confide in the written word and the heartfelt consolation it brings in times of tragic losses. Its influence is truly profound in more ways than one!

Comfort in Representation

Growing up with a ballpoint pen and paper has helped reinforce a skill called automaticity, a state when you have perfected something and can do it without much concern. This grants extra mental bandwidth for one to articulate their thoughts where the flood of information in our minds can be neatly represented on paper as a result of the process. Hence, writing is perhaps the easiest way to document or express something, even with the advent of other mediums in today’s digitized world.

Aesthetic Appeal

Handwritten content is truly mesmerizing itself. When you consider the masterful strokes of the pen on paper or the distinctive way that each alphabet is written, you realize that handwriting has always possessed a charm of its own. Many will agree that there is something artistic, authentic and attractive about it. Hence, in terms of presentation in contrast to other mediums, writing something has always been the first choice for its aesthetic appeal, especially with a pen by a leading pen manufacturer in India.

Tangible and Permanent

In case you didn’t know, writing happens to be mankind’s principal way of collecting, storing and disseminating information. Keeping this in mind, writing something with a ballpoint pen or gel pen also acts as a concrete proof of evidence. Being a tangible medium, it is a record of something that existed once upon a time but with relatively stronger emotional weight. Laying bare sincere sympathies, deepest gratitude and other heartfelt emotions, nothing bridges a gap like handwritten words on paper.

“Handwriting will still have a place for those times when people want to interact with a pen and paper for a more sensual experience using age-old handwriting skills to carefully craft and express more meaningful sentiments,” says Nils Lenke of Nuance.

In light of the above, it’s safe to say that the invention of modern gadgets has not succeeded in wiping out the need for writing by hand. Even while being a tradition rooted in ancient history, its personal touch coupled with great flexibility in expression makes it both exemplary and profoundly convenient.

Even while computers and smartphones may dominate our lives, the mastery of penmanship will never cease to impress.

The old-fashioned handwritten word is here to stay.



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