The celebration of Father’s Day reminds us about both the importance and the challenges of fatherhood. Fathers don’t always enjoy the glow of admiration and the intimacy we give our mothers. Their love for children is not always expressed through words but with their steadfast duties. As culture has it, fathers must be aloof but intimate; must earn the wage, but be present; must be compassionate, but disciplinarian. But like every human, fathers too need a touch of affection, a word and gesture of thanks. The gratitude and love we have for them does not get received if we don’t express them in the first place. Even the tiniest of things from their child can make them happy for a lifetime.

Why not do something little for him to make their ordinary day - Father’s Day, special? Why not show your dad some love by giving him a card, handwritten and decorated with your heartfelt words that will last a lifetime. Why not give him something invaluable that he can keep close to his heart?

A true tribute to his dedicated working spirit, Linc Meeting G1 is ideal for office workers. It is one of the best ball pens that impresses people with its brilliant Alpha Golden Corporate look. It has Hybrid Ink Technology and a firm grip for stress-free writing. Something your father will love as a gift!. Buy from Amazon or other online and offline stores.

The Pentonic B-RT is another classic that will compliment your father’s dynamic personality.
Being driven by design, this comes with an aerodynamic body for a splendid presentation. Its smart grip, superior push start button and advanced retract mechanism further add to its preference. This one qualifies as a designer pen! Buy from Amazon or other online and offline stores.

Fathers are the ones always stepping out, either for their profession or household requirements, continuing to risk their lives for the sake of family and serve their organisations even in times of the pandemic. And as a gesture of caring for his safety, Personal Safety Hygiene Kit from Linc Pen can be the perfect gift for Father’s Day. The kit contains gentle and safe - LINCPLUS Herbal Hand Sanitizers, a certified 5 layered KN95 mask, a self-sterilizing pen that works as the extension of your index finger - Pentonic Finger-Free touch device, along with Pentonic B-RT Pen. This complete COVID-19 Safety Kit is available in a box pack and makes for a perfect gift for father’s day.

The man who organised most aspects of your life, from schooling to higher education to catering to all your requests and demands you made, will be needing some organizing too. You can customize gifts from the Linc and Pentonic online stores with desk organizers and other stationery from Deli and Uni-ball to help him organize better with cutting tools, adhesives, sticky notes, markers and calculators.

Linc Pen salutes all the wonderful fathers who have touched the lives of many people, be it their own children, somebody else’s kid, family, people they have mentored and the world at large. Thank you for being great fathers.



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